When I was 26 years old..


I was a bit of a rebel.

According to the story, those having to look for insurance on the exchanges are having difficulty finding out which insurance coverages they need.  It seems as though a government run program isn’t very friendly and doesn’t work as advertised.


Obamacare was supposed to make it easy and affordable for those looking for health care coverage. This hasn’t quite been the case.  Even so, Democrats have always touted the uninsured rate has fallen because.. you know.. people are supposed to buy insurance rather than be taxed.

I’m still waiting for my $2,500 refund check from my insurance carrier.

Oh to be young and foolish again.

In case you were wondering, when I turned 26, I was in the military, stationed in Europe and awaiting my promotion to Captain. I got out two years later and secured a job as a GS-12 Computer Specialist at Headquarters,  US Army Europe Civilian Personnel Command.  Certainly, not as distinguishing a job as a GS-13 Writer at the National Institutes of Health, but who gives such a position to a 28 year old anyway?

9 thoughts on “When I was 26 years old..

  1. When I turned 26 I was married with a 1-year-old and had been out of the Army for 8 months; I was working 55-hour weeks and going to school part-time to finish my Bachelor’s degree. I’d gotten my Associate’s while stationed in Germany.

    My parents hadn’t had insurance. I joined the Army at 17.


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  2. When I was 26 years old I was married,had a daughter and I owned my own home (from money I had been saving for that purpose since I was 15). My husband had a JOB that had insurance
    I concur Snowflakes

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  3. When I was 26, I was married for just over a year, and had just sold my first consulting company, founded when I was 23, to a Fortune 500 company, and relocated to one of their major sites to manage the new division that was to carry that acquisition (and others) forward.

    Good times, worked there for ten years, and went from 20 reports to over a 1000, before I cashed out, and moved on to founding (and funding) other startups.

    Been one hell of ride!

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  4. I’m only nine, but based on the House Corollary to Moore’s Law, I’m six generations or ~120 years old; so… yeah I don’t really remember 26 all that well.

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  5. At 26 I was a Team Sargent with the 82nd Airborne. I was also storming the beaches of Lebanon with a pencil and earning multiple medals. Only one of those sentences is true.

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  6. I can’t say my life was as awesome as some of yours at 26 (high respect for honorable military service or starting your own business) but I can say I had my own health insurance through my employer while I contemplated graduate school.

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  7. When I got off my parents’ insurance, I was able to get a policy of my own for about $100 a month which covered pretty much everything except maternity care. (Even as a woman, I was given that option which I’m sure would now be illegal. Not planning on kids or activities which could cause said kids meant I saved a lot of money on my policy.)

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