Uh huh.


Schmalfeldt is retiring (again), but not before attempting to set the record straight, and failing in the same way he always does.

In a last ditch attempt to portray himself both the winner and the victim, Schmalfeldt’s (supposed) final battle ended up with the same sorry results whenever he tries to get the final word:  More PLM.

Usually, when someone is hanging it up, they are grateful and humble, recognizing all  the people that helped in a successful career, and waves goodbye to all the admirers picked up along the way.

But not our Bill! Nope. He wouldn’t know humble pie from a bowl of slovenian horse manure. In fact, he hardly mentions anyone who helped in towards retirement bliss.  Wonder why?


In what is essentially the last gasp reminiscent of the movie 300, where the spirited fighters are determined to take as many of the enemy to the depths of hell in the final battle, Schmalfeldt does something completely different: He steps on his crank, falls on his face, and hilarity ensues.

Over at Hogewash!, John Hoge reports by making a claim about Schmalfeldt’s real disposition. I’m sure it has something to do with work performance.  However, Schmalfeldt was not going to let the narrative slip away..

I’m sure you’ll have a chance to tell him in court. You are still suing him, right?  How is that going?  Do you think maybe calling in a few favors at NIH might help save it from its ultimate, dreary death (and before the PLM really starts?).  I’m sure they are standing by to help you.

“Mr. Schmalfeldt,  a call from Res Judicata is on the white courtesy phone. Again, Mr. Schmalfeldt, please pick up the white courtesy phone, a call from a Res Judicata.”

All he did was say you were fired from your job. You had plenty of time to prove otherwise. Alas, you didn’t.  Sad.

Must irritate you to no end that someone has lived a far better life than you could ever achieve. He still has his house; his ample retirement; a lot of family and friends, both near and far who give him plenty of love and support; dignity and respect among his many peers and acquaintances.  These things you do not have.

Oh yes, where have we heard about this retirement before? Last year, perhaps?  Weren’t you leaving the last time?


So, what did your battles manage to get you this past year?  Let’s take an inventory:

No money.  You’re living off the government under the guise of a fake disease. While you certainly receive disability, using that Parkinson’s gig didn’t fare too well, now did it?

No property or wealth.  What did happen to that $15,000 insurance settlement when your last wife passed away?

A solid reputation as a webmaster! Want to see some real numbers?


How could the rankings of your website go so low as to not even be ranked in a six month period?  Even worse:  Your excellent friend charged you with running and managing the website he needs to get his progressive message across!  During your tenure, it no longer ranks in the US!


Retired? I suppose with numbers like that, it’s all about the narrative.

Good luck in your retirement. Or as we are so fond of saying..

Until next week.

12 thoughts on “Uh huh.

  1. You’re just shooting up there!

    All I’m saying is, if TMZ were a _daily_ hate screed, as Bill says in his LOLsuit, you wouldn’t be beating it in the ratings.

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  2. He won’t really be gone until he’s ..well, you know. Wouldn’t a slow witted dumbfuck to think he was threatened.

    Hoge is appreciate by many and is welcome to visit at our home in…caught you looking didn’t I Dumbfuck? Figured I’d slip and say Jacksonville…crap!

    And another in a long list of lies in his latest bloviation.
    his “many years” in the NIH. More like handful of months.

    And Dec 12th is mine in the pool and I’ll crush anyone who tries to take it.

    Here’s the real capper on his fare thee well article. He’s always going on and on and totting up the cases and charges and suits and declaring victory. He never did understand victory conditions. Hoge has never been playing the same game as him and has won in all the critical metrics and the overall goal of the conflict while he farts around counting his little legal BS. Just never gonna get it.

    No strings on me.

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  3. That’s like the Dolphins and the Broncos. After the game, the Broncos picked up the ball, declared victory without looking at the official scoreboard, and went home with their chests puffed out. The reality is that everyone watching knew they played like crap and got blown out 35-9.
    But you do you Schmallballs. Keep lying to yourself. Hell it’s probably the only thing that keeps you from slitting your wrists over what a dismal failure your life turned into. Say HI to sis for us and remember to thank her from putting a roof over your fucking worthless leeching head.

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  4. He’s got a cousin named Roy, all right.


    When you are working to ruin the life of a dumbfuck, over the course of four decades, it only takes the occasional nudge of a phone call, small payoffs and favors, and the occasional exposure of his past to keep his life’s trajectory headed toward “shit hole”.

    Plus, it’s fun as hell.

    Fuck you, rapist Cousin Bill…now I must call Inflataskank’s sister, for a short, but oh-so-informative, discussion…

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  5. Cabin Boy and the Dread Pedo voluntarily turn their little stable of websites into nothing but screeds about Aaron and John, thereby completely destroying what little pathetic audience they had for political commentary. Google’s most frequent result for Cabin Boy is Ken White’s piece that describes his master the Dread Pedo’s violent criminal history and as well as his yearnings for barely-pubescent girls and then includes the most apt description of Cabin Boy: “Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have principles. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have values. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have beliefs. Bill Schmalfeldt has enemies, and then nothing, a black and dank and empty void of sullenness.”

    And he thinks he is “winning” ….

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  6. I see one of two possibilities:

    A) his most excellent pedo friend really did fire him now that he has outlived his usefullness and is ready to toss him aside like a spent… well you get the idea, or

    B) this is another of the midget Baldrick’s cunning plans to let William “valor stealing Parkinson’s faking” Shmalfeldt continue to “write” while shielding himself from any liability. IOW continuing to play dumbfuck like a cheap fiddle.

    Either way, the attention he’s been getting as of late isnt what he is used to. Since he’s desperate for any attention this is a last-ditch effort to get some. The result? Only two blogs make a post in passing and responses are a fraction of what they used to be.

    Don’t worry, shitbag, you’ll be getting far more attention that you want when [redacted] happens. Looking forward to it.

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