Running Silent And Deep


Unless, of course, you count the numerous hits taking place on various websites.

So this happened:

The most progressive person ever to live in South Carolina has awoken from his Thanksgiving induced slumber and decided to hide his twitter timeline while simultaneously looking for butthurt.

Over at Hogewash!, he’s searching for a few things, and it appears he has been busy scrolling through this site as well.

I have a feeling there is something big on the horizon.

Probably should buy a lot more popcorn.

19 thoughts on “Running Silent And Deep

  1. This is pure speculation but with his documented attitude towards women, maybe he has one or more harvey weinstein/matt lauer type incidents in his work history coming back to haunt him.

    He did leave that one government job out in California abruptly. He was layed off from XM Satellite Radio with little fanfare. He did retire from the NIH in unusual circumstances. I mean most people do not get a bad review when going on medical retirement.

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  2. I believe that certain fat bastard squatting in South Cacalakee stated that taking a Twitter feed or blog private was a showing of absolute cowardice…

    Thanks for clearing that up, pussy ass dumbshit.

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