I don’t think you quite get it.


Not that this is a surprise.

Give them a life?  Does he really believe we spend all day thinking about him? And Jesus is the son of Santa? Say what?

He only serves one purpose and that’s to dish as much PLM on him as possible. Other than that, I, like my fellow blogger warriors pretty much consider him impotent.  And not just the “broken willy” kind.  It doesn’t take much to keep track of him. He makes sure to tell EVERYONE on social media.

Oh sure, he has a federal lawsuit out there against four of the same people he just loves to sue.  He constantly barks to everyone how serious it is, despite not having won a single suit as the Chief Justice Pro Se Prosecutor.


The truth is I sit in my office working at my job and occasionally scan his tweets, his hardly read blog (I think archive.is and the Wayback machine account for 90% of his traffic) and when he says something rather stupid, like the tweets above, I make sure it’s documented.

And to make sure it gets the kind of PLM coverage it deserves.

Get a life? I have one. Too bad you wanted me to be in yours.  This is what you get. PLM for life!

2 thoughts on “I don’t think you quite get it.

  1. I think this one is meant for me.

    And I should have written ‘meme’ not ‘theme.’

    When I write about Parvocampus I try not to be mean. I try to be light-hearted and to be more clever than abusive. Yep, I DO use personal material Schmalfeldt has gone to great lengths to be make public. He did that. Not me.

    Ok, maybe just the tiniest bit abusive but Bill begs for that. Excepting the two pieces I wrote for Kimberfest my work centers on Schmalfeldt because his profile is the opposite of Bretts (who is downright Evil with a capital E). The clown who stands up and screams for attention gets the attention.

    And I would be disappointed if Bill didn’t crack a very small smile at some of my efforts: His Devices (my favorite), Star Trek, The DoomClock(s), The Painter (could have had a stronger ending), The (WI) Apartment, The Writer, the B-17 mission… I’d say these things write themselves, but-

    Wait. They do. They do write themselves. So sue me. Except I haven’t been libelous. Yo, Mr. S: IF you don’t document where I’ve been libelous by COB Friday (East Coast TZ) you affirmatively acknowledge it’s all good on my side. And that you don’t object in the slightest to anything I’ve written.

    I shake my head at the LOLSuits and laugh at his childish politics (Repeat after me, boys and girls, “You can’t get something for nothing. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”) but what I REALLY find objectionable is his doxxing which includes family and employers. I’ve written about that before. Bill Schmalfeldts’ doxxing work totally demonstrates his hypocrisy with regards to ‘just want to be left alone.’

    My ass.

    Golden Rule, or something like that, comes to mind.

    Oh well. Upward and onward. Time to get started on the next rough draft. And for those who keep asking, Yes. YES I’m working on the wedding announcement. I can’t be rushed so get off my cloud.

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