Oh Really?


Yeah, it is..

Actually Patti, he’s lying to you like he lies to everyone else.

It’s not that people don’t like him because of his politics.  They dislike him because he is a bad man and doesn’t like it when people talk about him.  He would attack you the moment you disagree with him.


Here’s a little history, Patti –

After his beloved wife died –  the same woman in which he took a picture of her dying and emailed it to many people complaining there would be consequences if it showed up on the internet – he moved to Wisconsin.  He claimed it was to get away and start his “life” over, at least that’s what he wants you to believe.

But he didn’t. He started harassing the same people again.  While in Wisconsin, he ended up with three restraining orders; two from women and one from a three year old.  YES!  A THREE YEAR OLD TODDLER WON A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST HIM!

Now, did he mention that part?  No?  Must be his Parkinson’s Dementia making him forget. Or perhaps the reason someone with little integrity will tell you – “THEY ARE ALT-RIGHT WING LIARS!”  The funny thing? Politics wasn’t the reason he was slapped with a restraining order.  It was his bad behavior.

During his time in Wisconsin, he sued in Federal court twice.  When he moved to South Carolina, he sued the same people, yet again.  And one defendant had to get yet ANOTHER restraining order against him because he kept harassing her.

And he harassed me.  The reason he harassed me?  Because his current girlfriend tweeted a picture of him ON THE INTERNET FOR THE WORLD TO SEE and I used it in a comment on a blog of someone who lives 24/7 in Schmalfeldt’s head, the same guy he hasn’t stopped harassing for over five years.

He proclaimed that if I mess with him, he’d mess with me. Until he found out I was not bowing to him, his girlfriend or anyone else.  He even promised to add me to his latest lawsuit, but since he knows I have counterclaims that will stick, he wisely, for now, chose not to follow through with it.

So him being nice?  Hardly, but if you took some time and actually googled “Bill Schmalfeldt” you’d realize nice is not in his nature, unless you bend to his will.  It has nothing to do with politics, other than the fact he’s using the progressive movement as cover for his insidious activities.

But hey, other than that, he’s a totally nice guy.


14 thoughts on “Oh Really?

  1. No one dislikes him because of his politics. Perhaps because he is an obnoxious, pompous, serial litigant who does really nasty things and says very nasty things on the internet and then pretends to be surprised when others object. (Do some Google searches with his name plus the following terms: cub scouts, Daily Kos or Lee Stranahan.)

    Politics do not enter into it.

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  2. Falsely accusing me of being Grace, sending me harassing emails, contacting my local PD then lying that both myself and my sister were telling him everything is NOT anyone’s definition of “nice!”

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  3. Oh yes! Such a nice guy! The best evar! *snort*

    Yeah, I don’t give a fat yap about anyone’s politics. It’s never been about politics. It’s about how he treats other people. THAT is what makes Bill Schmalfeldt someone to be concerned about and to write about the things that he’s done. Because he re-writes it and it’s all because people were meaaaaan to him about politics. Riiiiiight.

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    • most people, when having to watch a loved one die, you would think would want to spend that time with them…
      not FailWhale Willy, OH no, he spent the last months leading up to her death the same way he had spent the last few year, bitching, moaning and getting into pissing contests online.
      he was actually pissing and moaning at the time she died, but since he was in the same room I guess that was good enough for him.

      DIAF Shakey.

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