Certain people say the dumbest things.


They are tweeting again and failing.

No one “new”?  I assume she means no one realized that Louis CK was sexually abusive, but the victims “knew” and probably others. They just didn’t say anything, which is the problem.  Louis CK, like most liberals, enjoyed their power and used it to assault and harass others while trumpeting progressive narratives about equality, decency and inclusion. Sound familiar?

As for not playing those bits anymore because of “common decency”, I think the Boy Scout thing is still in the playlist along with all the other homosexual and poop related material.  I guess it depends on what your view of “decency” is.

And yes, it’s entirely possible to like someone’s work and still think they are a scuzzbag. Like Bill Clinton. Roman Polanski. Robert Byrd. Brett Kimberlin.  What do all these people have in common?  Being liberal scumbags. And yet, these two tweeters love them some skuzzbags.


Aren’t they precious?

Yeah, no.

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