Wait, what?


You can’t get away from this.

Devin Kelley gruesomely shot and killed worshippers in a church with a gun he legally obtained.

When confronted by a good samaritan who saw events unfold, Kelly dropped his rifle and decided to flee, but not before exchanging fire.

The Good Samaritan and another man chased him down and ensured that he would cause no more harm to another person.

Devin Kelley, like all cowards, made sure to take his own life.

Liberals screamed “Gun Control!”

Liberals discounted and trashed the good samaritan for not stopping him in the first place.

Liberals lambasted good people for sending prayers.

Liberal elected Representatives, Hollywood celebrities, and anyone needing a “shine the spotlight on me” moment were blaming the NRA, Republicans, Trump, and Confederate statues saying they had blood on their hands.

A Democrat California Congressman walked out of a moment of silence for the victims held in the House of Representatives. It was similar to players kneeling during the National Anthem because of inaction or something.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake decided to take a stand and submit legislation to close the loophole on allowing those with domestic violence convictions to buy guns, even though there is a law already on the books.

If you were in a coma and woke up to this, you’d have thought the angry people had good reason to express themselves this way.

If you were in a coma and talked to a reasonable person, you might have heard this.

Devin Kelley was convicted and sentenced to one year confinement for domestic assault. After he was released, the Air Force failed to register his conviction in the FBI database.

Under current Federal law, a courts-martial conviction and/or a conviction for domestic assault would have flagged him on a background check and prevented him from purchasing a gun.

Up until the shooting, Kelley was able to purchase a number of weapons.  It was also clear that when he filled out the forms for the background check, he lied, which is also a felony.

During that fateful weekend, it is believed he got into an argument with his mother-in-law and decided to end her life while she was at Church.  When he arrived, she wasn’t there and instead, murdered innocent worshippers in cold blood.  The good samaritan intervened to ensure that Kelley would not harm another.

Because of the Air Force’s failure to get Kelley’s information into the FBI database, he was able to legally purchase firearms.  The result was a breakdown of the system.

In 2013, Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) were trying to get legislation passed to beef up the process to get military criminal conviction information into the FBI database much more timely.  Included in bill were stricter enforcement actions for individuals who lied on the background check form.

According to reports, over 40,000 incidents of individuals lying on the background check form were reported during the Obama administration, but Holder’s Justice Department only pursued charges for less than 50.

The Cruz-Grassley legislation was filibustered by the Democrats and never advanced.

Liberals whine obsessively about gun control and wanting more laws. Conservative Cruz-Grassley legislation most likely would have prevented Devin Kelley from getting a gun and shooting up a Sutherland Springs Church killing half of its members and wounding almost all of the remaining.

Liberals make sure that Conservatives don’t go anything that would put themselves in a bad light and ensured that the system will remain broken.  That appears to have been a poor strategy.

Every time one of these things happens, liberals spend a lot of energy running off at the mouth and not waiting for all the information to be presented. And once again, we learn how liberals bear some responsibility.

Sorry, Democrats, you own it. You should probably think about going to Sutherland Springs and explaining yourselves to the families.

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