So this happened..


Better have a seat.

Bill Schmalfeldt is all about holding people accountable for libel.  Libel is bad. Very bad.  You could easily get sued for it, even if there is no libel.  Bill just has to smell it and wham!  US Marshal’s are Murum Aries Attigat’ing your front door.

Unless, of course, he libels.  Then you’re a racist for pointing it out. So here is my bigoted report about small town libel from a loathsome white liberal man.

He posts this tweet:

Patrick Grady never drove to Clinton, Iowa, and slashed Schmalfeldt’s tires  There is more than sufficient proof to support Grady’s alibi.  He didn’t even have slovenian horse poop in his car.

Schmalfeldt’s tires did blow out as seen in these photos:

Notice the date and time of the pictures:  April 1, 2017 at around 12:05 pm.

Later that evening, he states he had a text conversation with someone he believed was Grady.  Even though the other person did not admit to being Grady,  Schmalfeldt said it was him because of this:

Bill Schmalfeldt loves to stalk people.  He has published people’s houses that come from Google View while trying to doxx them.  You know what else Google View can show? Surrounding buildings. In fact, it can show the entire town, including establishments and their addresses.  You can even see the reviews of the local dining establishments and watering holes at the same time!

We do know the texts come from the person running the “Thinking Man’s Zombie” site here.  Read it. Stretch your lulz muscles.

Here is the police report filed the next day, April 2, 2017 at around 9:49 am.

Notice that after the investigation was completed, the disposition was changed to “Inactive/Suspended”.  After consultation with the Clinton, Iowa, police department, no suspects were identified no one was arrested.

However, Schmalfeldt made this tweet the day before the police stopped the investigation:

Did Grady admit to vandalism and say Hoge made him do it to the Police? Or is Schmalfeldt lying? At a minimum, Schmalfeldt said the police told him Grady and Hoge admitted to committing a crime!  And if the police didn’t say that to Schmalfeldt, and Schmalfeldt is saying they did, does that constitute recklessness and malice?

Libel, anyone? Anyone?

Under Schmalfeldt’s legal theory for his own Federal case as to what constitutes defamation, Schmalfeldt is not expressing an opinion; he is asserting a false fact.

I quote from his Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Defendants Motions (Schmalfeldt v. Grady, et al)

“Plaintiff has only one interest in the writings of the Defendants – that the things they write about Plaintiff be provably true or clearly stated as opinion. Even in the arena of opinions, one cannot disguise a defamatory statement merely by claiming it is an-opinion. “Pure Opinions” are opinions that cannot be proven true or false by objective measures. One cannot legally create “proof’ of something that did not happen.

His recent tweet would be a cause of action, at a minimum, that should have him thrown in handcuffs to make a most unpleasant appearance before a certain Chief Pro-Se Prosecutor Judge of Twitter court.

When the police did not buy his story, Schmalfeldt decided to try another approach.

Schmalfeldt was being sued by Hoge for defamation and for violating a settlement agreement.  Schmalfeldt filed a motion for a show cause hearing in that case on why Hoge shouldn’t be held in contempt for inciting violence, and supplied the pictures of the tires and police report shown above.

To support his theory, he went on to share over 100 pages of exhibits of blog posts and comments, well over a year old to give the Judge a backstory that “supposedly” supports his claims

The Judge denied his motion. He probably had to have lulz muscles checked out.

And if the Judge granted the motion, it would have been interesting to see if Schmalfeldt would have driven the 1000 miles with his new tires to Westminster, Maryland, Parkinson’s and all.

But.. you know what they say:

11 thoughts on “So this happened..

  1. Um this is the same Bill Schmalfeldt who tweeted that I was “spilling the bad about Grady” ( a man I never head of until the creeper drew me into his drama) and claimed that my sister was talking to him. Yeah that LIAR!!

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