Good vs Evil: It’s not the gun.


The heinous shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, has liberals making all kinds of wild statements yet again.  Many are blaming the usual suspects: Republicans, NRA, Christians, anyone who is not a liberal, although anyone affiliated with Donna Brazile may take some heat.

Turns out, the perpetrator, Devin Kelley,  was a former Air Force airman with a chip on his shoulder, including a courts-martial for domestic violence.  After spending a year in military prison, Kelley was released on a bad-conduct discharge.

Some were saying that wasn’t enough to prevent him from getting a weapon, but technically, a courts-martial conviction is a felony.  Under Texas law, a conviction for domestic violence automatically disqualifies you from owning a weapon.

Still, that didn’t stop him. The laws, background checks, and other safeguards were impotent in preventing him from obtaining a weapon. Details of how he came into possession of the firearm will surely come out soon, but the liberals are already in front with whatever emotional nonsense unrelated to the victims they can muster.  More on that later.

One thing is certain: He had an evil motive.

But here is where events take a turn. After Kelley shot up the church, he was confronted by one man who decided to fight back – with a gun.  There was an exchange of gunfire.

After the killer drove off, another man, Johnny Langendorff, who was watching asked what happened.  The other man told him that suspect shot up the church and then both men pursued Kelley until he crashed.  Kelley died at the scene and it is not clear if he died of a self-inflicted wound or from the gunfight.

So one man, with evil intention, just like the Las Vegas shooter did to concert goers, and a crazy guy in New York with a car, decided to kill innocents.  A man with good morals and values, who also owned a gun, confronted the evil man, but not before the evil man had harmed innocents.

Kelley had guns and ammo in the car, and possibly was looking to kill others. You could say the two heroes chose to use their weapons to prevent others from being killed.

Of course, that doesn’t do much to relieve the heartache for the families of those who lost their lives, but nonetheless, the lesson is important: An evil person will do harm no matter what.  That’s why they are evil.

As people from around the country shared their thoughts and prayers, liberals decided to try a new tactic: “Prayers?  PRAYERS DIDN’T STOP THIS TRAVESTY! STOP TALKING ABOUT PRAYERS AND DO SOMETHING!”

Prayers do not stop evil. As much as we try, it can’t. Evil doesn’t respond to prayers. Evil also ignores institutions liberals futily believe can stop it:  Congress. Legislatures. Presidents. Laws. Evil’s purpose is to turn man unto himself and destroy good.

Besides, my prayers, and the many who offered their own, are for the souls of those lost, and to ask for God’s healing grace to be placed into their hearts of their families. It’s not a useless gesture; it’s a compassionate and meaningful response. Sorta like when we offered prayers to those recently killed in New York by a madman using a car.  Interesting how many liberals offered theirs for the attack in New York.

Then again, liberals let evil predators run amok in their institutions, like Hollywood.  There are laws against rape and abuse and many victims were silenced, damaged and abused.  Should we not send prayers to the victims since none of you liberals did anything all these years despite knowing the truth?

Guns aren’t the problem.  It’s evil. And while guns are a just a tool, taking them away from one side doesn’t solve the problem.

9 thoughts on “Good vs Evil: It’s not the gun.

  1. What is REALLY creepy, on a personal level, is the fact that my liberal barnacle Thomas A Mix aka the #VeroBeachCrybully tweets and posts read exactly like a combination of James T. Hodgkinson and Devin P. Kelley. Like them he HATES conservatives, Christians and Republicans and regularly posts his wishes for harm and violence upon them. He also has an intense hatred for Christians and has posted his support for Christian genocide.

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