The message got lost..


.. and so did..

.. the DNS entry as of 5:30 pm Pacific time.

This comes at a very bad time for #TheResistance when so many people are counting on the intrepid reporting of one Bill S(. Preston, esq)chmalfeldt, who is covering the successful litigation of Brett Kimberlin and himself .. um.. the Trump Russia collusion from his mobile command center located in a hotel condo on the beaches of South Carolina.

Schmalfeldt determined to uncover the truth of the Trump Russia collusion scandal of all time, Parkinson’s be damned!

The members of the resistance are very much dependent on someone such as Schmalfeldt and Diane Kelly, who is Schmalfeldt’s caregiver and less than average video game player. Kelly recently experienced her own setback when she had to admonish infighting with the fragile twitter alliance she built as members resorted to name calling and blocking each other on social media.

And just when Schmalfeldt was beginning to make tracks in the rankings against his proclaimed alt-right wing enemies…


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