Having a hard time believing..


A certain someone is projecting on the twitterz again about how miserable an adversary is based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever

It’s absolutely amazing that a unemployable carpetbagger in South Carolina who claims he has no mobility, can barely sit at his desk, and lives in a hotel condo with an unemployable mate (she plays video games all day while mothering some sort of Twitter resistance faction), has any idea of what is happening with someone over a thousand miles away.

Since this certain someone has been wrong on any time showing on a digital clock, I would venture to guess that he is also wrong about Patrick Grady only because he wants to believe it so much.

I would venture to guess that Patrick Grady, while having personal issues to deal with, is in a far better place than a certain someone living in South Carolina and probably cares very little about said South Cackalacky vagrant.

At least Grady doesn’t have a cat with poop on its feet walk all over his face.

11 thoughts on “Having a hard time believing..

  1. So bill schmalfeldt looked in the mirror see’s himself and described what he saw. In those tweets replace the words Patrick Grady with bill schmalfeldt then they make perfect sense.

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    • The following is a true and accurate translation from billshit to English.

      Breitbit News Net @BreitbitNewsNet

      Squatting like a toad in the squalor of his rental dump, bill schmalfeldt does the only thing that gives him pleasure — mocking his betters.
      5:52 PM – Oct 9, 2017

      Breitbit News Net @BreitbitNewsNet

      Losing his wifes and childern upon their becoming aware of his monstrous nature, the only thing resembling joy available to him is weak mockery.
      5:54 PM – Oct 9, 2017

      Breitbit News Net @BreitbitNewsNet

      There would be sadness over this wretch of a one-time human. But like Smeagol became Gollum bill schmalfeldt has let his obsession distort him.
      5:55 PM – Oct 9, 2017

      Breitbit News Net @BreitbitNewsNet

      Sustained only by partially-heated frozen fishsticks, throat thick with phlegm, schmalfeldt croaks and gobbles as he types, hoping for some notice
      5:56 PM – Oct 9, 2017

      Breitbit News Net @BreitbitNewsNet

      …by the bomber of cabin john who pets him and rewards him for flinging his viscous mental filth onto the web. Alone. Unloved.
      5:58 PM – Oct 9, 2017

      Breitbit News Net @BreitbitNewsNet

      Looked upon with disgust by those who realize there was once a human being in the shrunken, demented, corrupt figure. Sad. @turkresisting
      6:00 PM – Oct 9, 2017

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