8 thoughts on “So about that IFP status..

  1. He can afford these nice things because he sure isn’t buying more than one change of clothes or visiting a barber…

    But I do have to lol at the new name for the scootypuff. Long live the Beetuswagon! (Not likely carrying that load)

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  2. Well, it’s not like he cheaped out with the wheelchair and the scooter. Oh, wait… yeah, it sure looks that way to me.

    If he were seeing a doctor and got such devices via Medicare/Medicaid/whatever or the Grift-of-the-Month-Club, they wouldn’t be so low-rent.

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  3. Hey DUMBFUCK! Do you know why you’re showing off your bottom-of-the-line Beetusbarrow (It’s tiny. Squeak, squeak!) and not a sweet, pricey Scooty Puff? Because you don’t have Parkinsons. You have obesity and laziness. And maybe Hodgkinsons.

    How do I know this? You told us. Say, how’s your 48 state driving tour Gofundme coming along? I guess the whole internet is alt-right.

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