Judgement Day

In the case of Hoge v. Kimberlin et al, judgment will be passed on the defendants at 1:30 pm ET for their egregious efforts to harm a man merely reporting on a convicted felon and some of his cronies.

The brass knuckles litigation strategy appears to have failed as members of Team Free Speech have fought back. Endless lawsuits are not turning out the way they expected.

For Bill Schmalfeldt, he chose not to attend his own trial and, instead, sent written testimony on the claim his Parkinson’s disease has progressed so rapidly that he is no longer able to travel, or even sit for long periods of time when traveling.

Despite all attempts by Team Kimbergarten to stall and deter the process, a trial took place. Now we await the judgment.

Also, don’t forget to buy your square for the pool. It’s in the break room.



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