You’re no Starship Trooper.

Under Schmalfeldt’s definition of a citizen, not being able to attend a trial under his own terms means that he is being denied his rights as a citizen. Lieutenant Johnny Rico would say Schmalfeldt is no Dizzy.. um.. yeah.

Here is Schmalfeldt’s line of Johnny Walker infused reasoning:

Judge Hecker issues a Show Cause Order for Schmalfeldt to appear based on a petition submitted by John Hoge. In the petition, Hoge makes the assertion that Schmalfeldt broke Maryland Rules of Procedure in recording testimony during a previous Show Cause Hearing where Schmalfeldt refused to comply with discovery requests. Schmalfeldt recorded part of the testimony and posted it on Youtube with a few editorial additions that portrayed Hoge in a bad light.

Because Judge Hecker issued the Show Cause Order and required Schmalfeldt to appear, Schmalfeldt has decided this constitutes an evil conspiracy: The Judge will do anything Hoge asks and this is really making his butthurt itch, not to mention being denied basic rights under the Constitution which threatens the very core of the Founding Father’s principles.


Consider these statements:

Because Hoge claims I broke a law, the Judge is set to take away my right as a disabled person for a reasonable accommodation.

If Hoge tells a judge you voted incorrectly will you allow a judge to tell you you cannot vote?

Are you going to stay away from your worship because a judge listened to Hoge without letting you defend yourself?

Hoge tells a judge you put an at sign in front of his name, even though he didn’t want you to. Putting an at sign in front of someone’s Twitter handle is not illegal. But Hoge told a judge it is. So, are you going to give up your right to use Twitter because Hoge told a judge to tell you to do so?

Hoge doesn’t want me to participate. He knows what will happen if I did. He would be made a fool of, once again.

Judge Hecker has made the fully-informed decision to not provide the accommodation I require as a disabled citizen to attend this trial. Th[e]refore (sp), I will avail myself of the remedies available to me as a disabled citizen of the United States of America.

Obviously, this is all Hoge’s fault. Hoge must be the most powerful citizen of the world, an admission that Schmalfeldt doesn’t make lightly. Schmalfeldt is waging the good fight against impossible odds against a right wing oppressor.

To hear Schmalfeldt tell it, the very pillars of the Republic itself are in danger and his only recourse is to awaken the beast of the ADA to stop a rogue Judge being expertly manipulated by Emperor Hoge.


Does Schmalfeldt having Parkinson’s Disease make him less of a citizen? Not only does he blame the Lickspittle Hordes from denying his right to live in peace with the love of his life (number 4) in a motel room in South Carolina, but they (we) are causing him great suffering BECAUSE he has a disease that he almost recovered from..kinda..:

To the Hoge readers calling for my blood… the readers who have no skin in this game whatsoever, other than the hope that at long last they will finally see me hauled off to jail, the fact that they WANT me to undergo the physical pain of having to travel to Westminster, they WANT me to suffer, to them, I DESERVE to suffer for some reason they’re never quite clear about…


Here’s the problem with the drama queen:

He created this mess with the article that was written for a website he contributes and now manages. He made a comment he knew to be untrue, but it was only to humiliate Hoge even if it was malicious and false.

He broke the copyright settlement agreement with Hoge and admitted it. When he was asked to address these acts, he scoffed and laughed. He never believed it would ever go to trial because he assumed the Judge would see the case for what he believed it be – vexatious.

Sorta like when he made the claim in his recent LOLSuit that he failed to attend the No Contact hearing in North Carolina in January 2016 because he believed no Judge would buy Palmer’s claims. The Judge issued one anyway. Then in July 2017, he went to North Carolina, after whining about how painful it would be, and proceeded to admit without mental reservation the claims made by Palmer. Judge Brown promptly issued a new one. Who goes to a hearing and defiantly admits to the charges against them?


Schmalfeldt has never taken Hoge’s case seriously. Writing flippant answers and responses to discovery, playing semantics with the meaning of words, and the outright defiance at every win Hoge gets has put him in this spot. His own actions are the problem and not the contrived conspiracy he imagines.

No one told him he shouldn’t record the video, edit it, and post it to the internet. He can’t find the law that he says was broken, even though the Maryland rules have been repeatedly shared by many, in the petition for Show Cause, but in his own postings.

The irony is that the Judge admonished him to obtain and become familiar with the rules, and he obviously chose not to follow that advice. His failure to comprehend the rules is shown by the way he responds: His enemies are always wrong. If they are wrong, they can be ignored.  Even if it’s the Judge. How very adultish.


Now, he thinks a distinguished Judge, with a number of years of experience on the bench as a well educated lawyer, is going to take seriously the threat of a lawsuit from a guy who barely passed high school, had no notable distinguished service in the military, no college education and has not won a single civil case in any forum?

Schmalfeldt’s last stand was a disaster that will generate a hell of a lot of pointing, laughing and mockery for a long time, and most deservedly so. He has no one to blame but himself.

On a side note:

(sorted by most recent Global Ranking)

PLM seems to be good business…unless you’re the target, then not so much.

7 thoughts on “You’re no Starship Trooper.

  1. “Without a defense”? I thought Billy was afforded the opportunity to defend himself on 8/21, and decided it was too difficult to bother with? This is hardly the same as the protagonist in “The Trial”…

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  2. Cabin Boy keeps misunderstanding and misrepresenting basic facts. Hoge never suggested to the judge that Cabin Boy not be permitted to use Skype to attend trial.

    The judge decided that without prompting, probably because the rules don’t permit it. And Cabin Boy’s contempt of court and his refusal to deal with his contemptuos conduct.

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  3. Skype was never an option for trial. What did he think, that he could hold up his exhibits and have Kimberlin, Hoge and the judge and jury huddle around the video monitor and read them? If he was so serious about conducting a trial somehow by skype then why didn’t he submit a plan the court could’ve considered four or five months ago. Yes, the plan should’ve been submitted at least four months ago. Maybe the court would’ve been willing to work with him but without a plan the court wasn’t going to devise one for him.

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  4. Funny thing is that if he had recorded the proceedings for the stated purpose, to supplement his fading memory, then no one would have cared. No one would have known. It was when he decided to post it to the internet that it became a problem.

    It’s like those idiots that commit a crime, perhaps a relatively petty one that they are likely to get away with, then post a photo of themselves with the look to Twitter.

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  5. Often, when DUMBFUCK emerges from hiding to file another LOLSUIT, he cites his father as an influence, and notes that he knows his father would be so proud of him for putting up a fight even if he knows he’s going to get his ass kicked.

    Because bleeding all over Mom’s good chair is apparently as special as pooping on it.

    But I wonder how proud “The Giant” would be at his son today, and the bravery he is showing in Maryland from the safety of Myrtle Beach, South Kakalacky.

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