Foolish, huh?


Schmalfeldt is rambling off on the Twitterz again, this time making up more nonsense against his old nemesis, Paul Krendler. 

None of those are torts, Schmalfeldt.  Neither are the claims in your Federal suit. How do I know? Because you’ve tried seven times before and failed all seven times. Eight is just another number.

[He deleted the original tweet, so I reproduced it here – mj]

Really?  If I’m not mistaken, you promised Krendler he was going to be carted off by the police some 300 days ago.  Now who is lying?


More Krendler pwnage, dumbass.


19 thoughts on “Foolish, huh?

  1. You are a fucking clown, Shakes. No one fears you. No one respects you. And no one gives a shit about your opinion of the trial in which you are currently a defendant. Wanna know why? Because you’re a pussy.
    LULZSUIT VII will end with PLM. DumbF5ck.
    Take the cure, Shakes.

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  2. This is exactly why Mr. Fakinsons is an evil manipulative, vexatious asshole.

    Because no matter how many times he is told “butthurt is not a tort” he doesn’t care. He will faildox innocent people, harass and stalk them, try to affect their income and ability to provide for their families all to salve his butthurt.

    Then the coup de gras is that he hides behind a disease that has no definitive proof until post mortem, then fakes symptoms of it and over shares in ways that prove he’s being nothing more than a manipulative asshole with nothing to lose because after all he is on a pension and judgement proof.

    That with make his destruction all the more satisfying.

    Die slow fakinsons. Nice. And. Slow.


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  3. He should be careful of what he asks.

    Doc No./Seq No.: 197/0
    File Date: 08/21/2017Entered Date:08/22/2017Decision:
    Party Type: DefendantParty No.:4
    Document Name: Written Testimony in Lieu of Personal Appearance

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      • Indulge me a second and correct me if I’m wrong. I have a theory that just feels right.

        If everything in Schmaleldt’s bizarre “statement” that pertain to the case itself are deemed admitted to because he dicked around with discovery, all that’s left is an unhinged, drunken rant against the judge himself.

        For the life of me, I can’t figure out how that helps Oliver Wendell Jones any. But I can see how it hurts him very, very badly.

        It’s entirely possible that Hecker is putting the threats and invective on the record because it documents the whys and wherefores of sanctions when they show cause issue is decided by the Court.

        That can’t be good for our lunatic friend in Mertyle Beach.

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        • More exactly, it cuts any avenue of appeal off at the fucking knees and makes clear just how ridiculous any ADA suit will be.

          Because the Diminished Capacity Kid has an almost Trumpian gift for overstatement, that document makes it sound as if he’s all that standing between Truth, Justice and the American Way and John Hoge and Fred Hecker, More precisely, it sounds batshit crazy.

          I believe that putting that in the record clears the decks for the Court to hammerfuck him directly to hell and establishes a perfect paper trail as to why.

          But, sure. Stay in bed was an excellent idea for Bill. I can’t wait for him to try it in Florence.

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