3 thoughts on “Fun Fact of the Day

  1. As Jesus said, “The poor you shall with you always.” He was right in that there will always be those much less well-off than the majority.
    However, the official US poverty line has been adjusted more than just for inflation. If we use the original definition and do nothing but use a good deflator to compare it to today, less than 2% of US residents would be below the poverty line. What really happens is the we keep moving the line upward so that around 14% of the population “lives in poverty.” I’ll leave it to the individual to decide why that is done.

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  2. IIRC the soi disant “Poverty Level” is DEFINED at the point where 14% are at or below the level so simple inflation can’t lift everyone above a static number.

    Bemoaning that 1 in 7 people ‘live in poverty’ makes about as much sense as complaining half the drivers are below average…

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