Here we go again..

For a guy living as a transient in a South Carolina extended stay motel with Stage 9125151 Parkinson’s Disease, Bill Schmalfeldt seems to think he carries weight and power on the internet.

Well, he does carry a lot of weight, but not a lot of power to move it.

Now he’s decided that he wants to get a piece of a good friend of mine, a fellow decorated veteran and all around great American.


How’s that “picking them off” thing working out for ya?



14 thoughts on “Here we go again..

  1. Why can’t Bill see what has happened with the last 2 people he has doxxed? His idiotic online behavior has resulted in 2 more blogs that focus on his terrible behavior, BillySez and Sonoran Conservative. Two great new sites with fresh content all about how stupid, fat and stupid Bill Schmalfeldt has been his entire life.(did i say stupid?) Bill has shown that he rally hates these blog sites that shine a light on his past and current behavior, especially the comment sections. Our brother LordDewclaw is one of the very last persons Bill wants poking around in his past or present. I’ll warn the racist Cabin Boy just one time………You mess with the Dew……….You’ll get the whole Case!!

    The Rock says:
    “You betta respect the Peoples Eyebrow!!
    If ya SMMMEEELLLLLLLL What Rock is Cooking………”

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  2. What confuses me is why Mr. Bill would work with Publius Varinus. Isn’t Publius Varinus a coward writing about Mr. Aaron and his wife anonymously? I don’t understand. It doesn’t seem like a man with such strongly held beliefs about anonymous writers would ever tolerate working with them. I’m surprised BS hasn’t called on Publius Varinus to man up even if it’s an article about one of his enemies.

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  3. First off, thank you from the bottom of my cat-like heart, SC (get it? Dewclaw…. cat? LOL!) We need to talk (ahem) and figure out when you might be in my neck of the woods. The German Einbecker Ur-Bock is on me.

    But just so y’all know… I am no hero. I served with a bunch, though.

    Thank you, TM. Even though Fatass would think it a dream come true, his absolute worst nightmare would be the day he successfully doxxes me.

    My favorite Rock clip:

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