Employing old tricks and threats again

monkeythinksSchmalfeldt is running about the internet doxxing again, this time SPQR, and has discovered that he is a lawyer in Colorado.

And now that he believes he has his man, the Wisconsin-Iowa carpetbagger is off again on his usual threats.

What could possibly go wrong in tangling with yet, another lawyer?

This is his latest “detective work.”


Past the incredible sleuthing, time to work on the squeeze. First, it’s the charges of defamation, against someone who handles internet law.

Defamation is “not nice.” It is the making of a statement that is published and seen by more than one person that is untrue and casts a person in a negative light. In these brief examples, Mr. Roberts calls me a demented sociopath with violent criminal friends. Untrue. I am neither demented in the sense Mr. Roberts uses the word, nor a sociopath. I have a friend, Brett Kimberlin, who was convicted for a series of violent acts 40 years ago, did his time, and is out living the best sort of life he can.

Well, thanks for clearing that up with the violent criminal friends thing that is all true. I remember a certain No Contact Order hearing where someone admitted all the contacts he made and more as, um, a defense!

I am not a psychopath. I do not have “a mental disorder.” I do not “worship a violent, pedophiliac sociopath violent criminal.” The rash on my face was caused by an autonomic disorder that goes with Parkinson’s disease called “seborrhoeic dermatitis.” Not syphilis. 

All of those things are untrue. They are PROVABLY untrue. They cast me in a negative light. Therefore, they are defamation.

Except none of your quotes show that SPQR said you had syphilis, only that you should have your rash checked out by a doctor to be certain. We already covered the violent friend you worship. He is also a pedophile and lost a case about that. As far as your mental disorder, do you have the medical documentation to back up you don’t have a mental disorder of any kind? Wonder how that would play out in say, discovery…

Now for the magnanimous offer:

At the moment, I do not intend to add Mr. Robin Dale Roberts to the Federal Lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of South Carolina where WJJ Hoge III, Patrick Grady, Eric P. Johnson and Sarah Palmer are defendants.

Isn’t that more a result of you screwing up your own complaint?


“I want him to know I know..”

And I am not engaging in a sneak attack on Mr. Robin Dale Roberts. I wrote to him on Saturday to tell him I was going to do this. THAT explains his silence on his usual defamation boards for the last few days.

Perhaps maybe he was busy and didn’t see your email and isn’t able to post at the moment?  Looking at SPQR’s posting history suggests he is not consistent as to dates and times. However, let’s say he did go quiet. Does that actually bode well for you?

And just to make sure we’re all on the “same page”..

What I am going to do, however, is send a copy of this post to the nice lady who wrote the nice news story about the new law office in Canon City. I am going to send it to every major Colorado newspaper. I am going to send it to every Colorado blogger who will print it. And, I will file a citizen’s complaint with the Colorado Bar Association.

I would imagine she and the others will be told, “Google Bill Schmalfeldt”.  Oh, the sounds of lulz that would be music…

And finally, a warning to everyone..

Anonymous cowards can stay cowards. But they cannot stay anonymous when someone really, really wants to find out who they are.

We call this an “object lesson.”

We all know how these “lessons” turn out, don’t we?


75 thoughts on “Employing old tricks and threats again

  1. The usual attempts at shutuppery. No, he won’t add another lawyer to the lolsuit. Instead he would rather be a defendant in yet another suit because of a faildox.

    This is why anonymous posters stay anonymous, because instead of handling your butthurt like an adult you jump right to social life-ruining tactics.

    Which is why 4 people are now going to use LEGAL life-ruining tactics. I hope you are utterly destroyed. Thank your pedo master for throwing you under the bus when it happens. White knighting evil comes with a price, patsy.

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    • It always bemused me as to WHY he decided to white-knight for a bomb-setting, little-girl-molesting punk.

      I mean, let’s be honest, there are Very Bad People in prisons right now who would turn their nose up at that one. More likely to shank him than protect him.

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      • Bomb-setting, molesting, lying, drug-dealing, cowardly, lazy, piece of scum. Bill, the proud “Vietnam-era vet”, allied himself to someone who claimed to have sabotaged equipment bound for the US military.

        They’re both worthless scum, that’s why they’re such excellent friends.

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  2. As far as your mental disorder, do you have the medical documentation to back up you don’t have a mental disorder of any kind?

    I dunno, maybe a 72-hour psychiatric hold might be a good place to start.

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  3. Dang becuase contacting law enforcement and the media because he thinks someone has been men to him sure doesn’t sound like “stalking” to me!

    FYI both Bill and the #VeroBeachCru bully contacted my local LEOs they filed those emails right where they belong in the trash.

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      • Well when my first online harasser and defamer the phony “rev” James Sutter posted a forged email caling I sent it to him I reported him and much to my surprise he was arrested But I think it was because he was convicted for forgery previously.

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        • And yet the cesspit of Maryland gets a convicted forger on-record admitting he forged a court document, and they do nothing.

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        • I understand that completely. Sutter may have been on probation and doing what he did violated that, although I’m not familiar with the circumstances. But yeah, if you’re a convicted forger and you keep doing it, well, no sympathy for you. :).

          In Bill’s case, he’s asking the police to intervene because he doesn’t like what people say on the internet.

          “They are saying mean things about me!”
          “To you?”
          “No, over on this blog they created about me..”
          *looks at blog
          “Well, it doesn’t look like that at all.”
          “IT’S DEFAMATION!”
          “Thanks for calling.” *click..

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  4. Robin’s not been anonymous for years. DF “doxxed” someone who uses a handle, but is known under his real name and profession. That’s why there’s cross-over commenting on so many sites.

    DF the Coward is just once more doing his passive-aggressive “I know who you are” dance, and apparently tossing false bar complaints, stalking, and maybe tortious interference into the mix. He knows what he’s doing, that he is making threats, and he thinks it makes him a man rather than the castrati he’s been all his life. What DF Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t understand is that he gets the attention he does BECAUSE he does these things. Doing it more won’t make the comments stop, it will just generate MORE comments.

    I don’t think Bill has ever had syphilis, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some diseases only veterinarians would recognize. I would not be shocked if he had kuru, and mad cow disease, if his breath permanently smelled of feces because of the masses of coliform bacteria living on his gums.

    Frankly, I think we should track down the doctor who let this bloody stool leave the delivery room alive and sue him for malpractice.

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    • Bill has probably (not provably) never had syphilis, if only because, IIRC, that requires sexual congress with another person. Given the age of the person his cousin says Bill raped, I’m doubting she was experienced enough to be a carrier.

      On Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 12:27 PM, Sonoran Conservative wrote:

      > crawford421 commented: “Robin’s not been anonymous for years. DF “doxxed” > someone who uses a handle, but is known under his real name and profession. > That’s why there’s cross-over commenting on so many sites. DF the Coward is > just once more doing his passive-aggressive “I kno” >

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      • I have heard that sometimes women have to have parts of their mouths, throats, and necks surgically carved out because of sexually-transmitted diseases… namely due to one of the strains of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

        I read it on the internet somewhere.

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    • I can’t put my mind around this. Willy is (are?) castrati? How many? It fully explains his weight issue. Has he been that way from birth, a ball-less Siamese twin? If that is so, I suddenly have some sympathy for him: it explains for example why all the girls in high school laughed at him. Girls are cruel that way.

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      • He’s been de-balled so thoroughly it was enough for multiple men.

        Which is a fair assessment of his ability to man-up and take responsibility for his own actions.

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    • Do you have any evidence whatsoever that he ever had testicles? Other than his claims to have ‘fathered’ children [who refuse to be in contact with him]?

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  6. He is aware that his little email was blackmail, right? And that it’s not exactly smiled upon in polite society?

    Laptop, home, after the usual traumatic experience of dentistry. It was just a cleaning, but I’m shaking over an hour later.

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  7. Why not have another go at me you socdologizing ‘ol cockholster.

    C’mon down to Florida and pull y’alls mad doxxing skilz. We all be crazy down here.

    Introduce you to a couple friends of mine out in the bayou.

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  8. Ooh! Looky!

    Post #64 on a (reignited) blog… solely courtesy of the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s attempts at intimidation via d0xing, and his attempts at vexatious, shutuppery lawfare!

    “Streisand Effect” much, bitch?! 😂


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  9. I think all of us have seen enough jurisdictional failures to have a pretty good idea of what it takes to establish jurisdiction. I wonder if there’s anything foreseeable about any of this….

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  10. Bill contacted my local Chief of Police to try and report me for crimes. Nothing happened.
    Bill said he was going to contact all my local media to report me. Never heard from them.
    Bill said he was going to ruin my wife’s business. It is doing better than ever.

    He is impotent in many ways. He is an adjudicated harasser. He has called himself a deranged cyberstalker and a brain damaged troll. He is evil.

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