Certain folks from MD, NC, IL, WV, TN and AZ…

ahares7Were out doing things, like working at their jobs, running errands, living life and being, you know, productive citizens.  These fine Americans, many having served proudly in the US Armed Forces ( and wore the correct ribbons, never misrepresented their service),  were helping to make America a better place for decent and kind people.


I can’t say that about a certain couple of deadbeats living in a South Carolina motel, supported by government funds, making parody skits about poop.

Thanks for the legacy, Obama.



5 thoughts on “Certain folks from MD, NC, IL, WV, TN and AZ…

  1. Well said, bother-in-arms.

    Even though you were Army and I was Navy, I know that if you and I were in the shit in the ‘stan…. you would have my back and I would have yours.

    Hermano. Brother to the end.

    Unlike a fatassed racist goldbrick no load living off the government teat in a shithole hotel in SC. I am ashamed that fucking turd wore the same uniform that I did.

    If you are ever in my neck of the woods… I will buy you a beer. Or ten. 😉

    We can get shitfaced and tell sea stories. 🙂

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  2. No. “They” will not want to. Some may do so out of an excessive sense of prudence.. Some will totally ignore you. If by some chance you get any of them served in a lawsuit, then they will bother to read that, and after laughing themselves sick, they will either write a motion to dismiss or get a lawyer to do it.

    I would usually recommend getting a lawyer to write a motion to dismiss, but in your suits, a defendant could well prevail pro se simply by copying the successful motions to dismiss your previous lawsuits. I seem to remember that Stacy McCain responded in a certain lawsuit by incorporating other motions by reference: he did not even need to make the effort of copying and pasting.

    Willie is not even the boy who called “wolf.” He calls “mouse.”

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