Baltimore Riots and the “Glaring Problem”

baltimore_riotsI have been reading and watching the violence and rioting going on in Baltimore for a while. It is truly astonishing listening to the residents of the city, the pundits, and the elected officials and none of them seem to understand the basic principles of problem solving.

Problem solving requires a few steps:

  • Identifying the problem
  • Look for and agree on solutions
  • Come up with a plan for a course of action
  • Implement the plan.

The first problem that these people seem unable to understand is “Identifying the problem”. Depending on your point of view, it’s always a catch phrase.  “Police brutality”, “Racism”, “White Privilege”, “Failure of political parties”, etc.  None of these are the real problem because, like most people who live in poor areas, excuses are just a means to deflect on the real issues, including accepting responsibility for your own circumstances.

Far be it from me to have all the answers to the problems of the Black community, and I know there are those who would prefer more direct, if not permanent solutions that really solve nothing, I think the entire problem is recognizing that no one wants to really do anything to make it better.

Residents believe they have no power.  They seem to be in the “Lets just get through this because no one cares” mode.  This is the major impediment because it prevents residents from actually dealing with their own problems.  And sadly, they always seem to elect officials who promise much and deliver little.  The community is nothing but a pawn for someone’s more ambitious personal goals.

You want to know where your problems originate?  How about the thugs doing the looting? What about the opportunist criminals who are grabbing whatever they can out of stores?  And most importantly, the kids who seem to have no problem emulating the older people of being disrespectful of local authority?

If you as parents are going to ignore the problem, then at what point do you accept responsibility for their actions?  And as community members, at what point do you hold other residents accountable?  If the people of the community will not stand up, how are they ever going to get started on addressing their problems?

Local politicians, on the other hand, always believe they can change things.  And the con artists in Baltimore are the Black leaders who use the plight of their own people to get votes, then enrich themselves while biding their time hoping nothing bad happens so when the next big opportunity comes along, they are ready to get their share of the spoils.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings – Blake, is a liberal graduate of Oberlin College (same as Lena Dunham) and a graduate of Maryland Law School.  She has been active since getting her law degree in city politics, having been elected to the council at a very young age, and rising to become Mayor fifteen years later.   She has been lauded by President Obama for her efforts to revive a city that had numerous budgetary issues, and a city with a vacant building problem.

In her governing career, however, she had done little extraordinary work, especially in elevating and empowering the Black community she was elected to represent.  Instead, the eruption of the riots in Baltimore have showcased that, in fact, Rawlings-Blake is not exactly doing much at all.  While the country, and particularly Baltimore has suffered from Obama’s struggling “Hope and Change” initiatives, she is not entirely at fault, but its clear she is not helping proactively, either.

You can decide this for yourself as you watch this clip from Fox News.

In the clip, she makes a statement that she later tries to walk back.  It’s clear she has little or no intention of doing anything since the problems of the Black community are something that liberals need in order to protect their own power.  For the life of me, I can never seem to grasp why the Black community fails to see the inherent trap the Democrats and Liberals place them in.  They need the Black community to be poor, destitute, and needing liberal government action, and this is no exception.  Once they get into office, the first words you hear are, “Budget constraints” and so whatever issues you think were going to get solved by electing these people, they just washed their hands of it.

Fortunately, as more Blacks come out of their poor neighborhoods and see their potential realized, the more they turn to Conservatism and see the values of hard work and the dividends it pays.  Excuses no longer become the bedrock of their message.  They see the promise this country provides.  In short, their elected officials leave them by the roadside, failing to help address their long-standing issues and never seem to elevate them from their situations.

In fact, it is the Conservatives that believe in the community and wants the community to empower itself, without government interference.  When government is needed, it is to make sure the community has what it needs to prosper.  Zoning changes, economic incentives, tax breaks and small business incentives will bring economic prosperity to the community itself.  Otherwise, you can allow liberal talk of hand-outs, “social justice” and higher taxes on businesses drive your community to keep the same situation.  Don’t believe me?  Are you better off now than you were when Obama gave you Hope and Change?

And finally, the pundits.  For them, this is just another way to help keep the rioters going.  By constantly throwing the race and poor cards out there, they do nothing to provide answers.  They instead, focus on the perceived injustices, do a few marches, where the organizers can collect a few more dollars, then leave.  For Al Sharpton and the race gang, this has worked well, extorting a few dollars where they can, and snatching a few bucks from the offering plates while making meaningless blab on pulpits.   To the black people who go to the church, the sermons sound real good.  Once they are over, its back to the same old routine.

If by now, you don’t understand that to solve the problems of the Black community you need the steps I outlined earlier, then this article may help you get it.  Here a mom incorporated all four steps for solving a problem and to stop her son from doing the wrong thing.  In other words, she cared enough to make sure that her son wouldn’t fall into the trap, and amazingly, you could see how the many “thugs” he was surrounded by did nothing to swoop in and save him.  Of course, who in their right mind is going to stop her, which is the point:

If you want to make change, then you need to stand up strong, identify your problems no matter how hard it is; agree on a solution, no matter how bold; make a plan and take action.  Don’t let the pundits make money off you, and hold your leaders accountable.  While the issue of police brutality and injustice may be real, consider the circumstances of the young boy in the video that just had his mother take him out of the situation.  If a few more moms and, certainly, some dads and stronger father figures stood up, the problems might just work themselves out and put to rest a few of those pundit slogans as well.  And I bet a lot more people will live more comfortable lives.

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