Boehner’s Lip Service and Cowardice


“I don’t know where my backbone is.”

With the exception of the whining liberals, most people who watched Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress came away with a few observations, chief among them was how passionate the Prime Minister was to his love of country, and his belief in the threat posed to his people.

Even in the face of the political backlash from his own constituents, he stood strong and delivered an eloquent speech that sharply contrasts with the Administration’s direction on how to deal with Iran.

I highlight the Prime Minister’s appeal here because, unlike Netanyahu, Speaker Boehner had political momentum going his way.  He had the support of the polls, and the strong support of his base.  Unlike Netanyahu, who not only has to face an American President who doesn’t like him, he defies the critics and cynics in his own country, he faces adversity with his strength.  In short, the Prime Minister charges like a soldier and a leader, unwavering in his convictions, but resolute and persuasive.

If it wasn’t clear after the speech what a leader truly is, then you must have been sleeping.  For Boehner, it sailed right over his head when he needed to grab hold of that energy and renew his commitment to his constituents and the conservative base that wants to end Obama’s power grab.

Instead, he went ahead and decided to buckle under the pressure of the Senate Democrats (McConnell included in that group) and gave into Democrat demands.  With every Democrat voting for the “Clean DHS Funding Bill”, seventy-five scared “Republican” representatives, a good number of them looking for establishment favors and a few awe struck freshmen, joined him.  One hundred and sixty seven brave representatives stood on the side of principle, and were left hanging and angry.

Boehner’s failure to get conservative support is now a liability.  Whatever good will that Conservatives have given him have finally been used up, because Boehner has demonstrated time and again, along with McConnell, they have no stomach to face down the Democrats.

I have asked this question on numerous occasions:  How hard is it to jump in full force at the beginning and set the narrative to win the battle?   The message was easy:  Democrats are all for holding up the security of the United States to provide benefits for illegal aliens.

All it needed was a strong presence in the face of rampant media support for Obama, where it is mostly empty rhetoric and unpersuasive to most Americans.  Even the public opinion polls were against Obama’s amnesty plan.  And yet, for whatever reason, Boehner’s backbone took a trip to the Caribbean and left the speaker as nothing more than a punching bag, and Democrats laughing to the bank.  Conservatives, once again, were the political casualty.

Boehner forcefully tells the Republican’s that we need to support each other.  Imagine how Netanyahu feels when he is under a lot of political pressure.  He doesn’t back down and will keep on fighting.  That’s the kind of leader you want to support and the one you want to stand behind.  Those are the leaders that will protect you.  They are not made of cowardice.

Conservatives will always support each other.  What they won’t do is support a leader who turns on them because he can’t find his spine.   Speaker Boehner, you’re on your own.

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