View from the Mountains – 12 Feb 2015

NewsIconDaily recap of news and commentary

Three Muslim students killed in North Carolina; suspect arrested

At first, the local reporting was not picked up by the national media until the next day.  Like all stories where information is fluid, some jumped to the conclusion that this was racially motivated.  Of course, when the facts starting coming out, some of those who bought into the racial narrative were now skeptical.  Why is it that people who claim to be of tolerance and truth, always seem to ignore it when stories like this come out?  Look, three people died tragically.  Basing the outcome on the color of their skin, or culture, might make you a racist.

Obama defends gay marriage stance, says he didn’t mislead

There seems to be a lot of chatter on this, but he is a politician from Chicago.  What did you expect?  He was going to mislead you, and will continue to do so.

Obama seeks to get war authorization for ISIS

Except, its designed to limit a prolonged war.  In other words, “We’re gonna fight you just enough for us not to go for a long time, you know, just in case people start to hate it.”

Kayla Mueller paired with ISIS Fighter.

While no one knows for sure the details, the speculation has been this was going on during captivity.  There also seems to be some evidence that her humanitarian work was for Hamas and that she was an anti-Semitic.

Federal Election Commission wants to regulate websites for Campaigns

Here we go again.  The main target for these changes are for Conservative outlets.  Imagine the response if the roles were reversed.  Let’s just all agree that free speech is much more important.

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