View from the Mountains – 11 Feb 2015

NewsIconThis will be a daily recap of some of the news of interest I have read throughout the previous day.   I will attempt comment on each of these as necessary, although some may require none:

ISIS held American hostage killed.

Kayla Mueller is killed by her captors and her family finds out when the group sends photos to the family.  This is just sickening and perhaps, now, the President will start to reconsider chastising good Christian Americans about the crusades and do whatever is needed to squelch this group.

Brian Williams suspended without pay for six months

The hammer has come down on Brian Williams.  Listening to a number of journalists, many hope that he will offer a much more detailed apology and hope he will come back.  The fact it had to come to this means it will be a long road ahead.

Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show at the end of the year.

This one seems to hurt more of the left, for some reason.  What is interesting is that he was responsible for educating so many people on the left, they never realized how much of his show was mere satire.  This will give them time to get a good replacement, although that choice is still down the road.

Jeb Bush becomes a little too transparent

Jeb Bush, in an effort to show he is transparent, apparently did little in his desire to set up a website that allows patrons to search and read around 300,000 emails.  The problem is, a number of those emails contain information that should have been screened and personal information redacted.  Looks like identity thieves stand to benefit from this.

David Axelrod explains how Obama went from anti-gay marriage to pro-gay marriage for.. votes..

Seriously, not even shocked by this.  The fact its even being reported is the real shocker.

New questions surfacing regarding plaintiff standing in Obamacare case.

It’s hard enough just to get a case before the court.  If the plaintiffs have little or no standing, then none of the questions can even go forward.  You’d think there would be more people they could get?

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