Rule 5: It’s about the pretty girls…

If you’re going to have a successful blog…

10639387_694871700607560_1576630942462044089_nIn this case, we’re focusing on Rule 5 specifically.  Robert Stacy McCain of “The Other McCain”, whose blog I read quite regularly and will share links from time to time, posted these rules to help grow your blog.  In short: Hits.  Lots of hits.

Rule 5 posts are intended to show you the gifts that God gave to us.  It also helps helps morale while reading my posts.  They will also upset feminists, which is a good thing.

So from time to time, I will show pics of lovely ladies I have scanned from various sources, as well as provide links to other sites that implement the Rule 5 strategy.

Please note:  While I will not post nude or pornographic images, other sites might.  Please use discretion if you are using corporate networks.

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