Wonder what took so long?

May 21 is a date you probably won’t want to circle.

Millions who have wedding anniversaries on May 21st will be joined shortly by two of the biggest failures on the planet:

I think the next step is for someone to get some teeth. Maybe.

Originally, the nuptials were to take place in Connecticut after Schmalfeldt was going to prevail in a federal civil suit filed against some friends of mine. He threatened to add me to the suit because I challenged his claim he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. In the end, a paralegal working for a renowned and highly respectable attorney in South Carolina managed to squash the suit. Wasn’t unexpected; Schmalfeldt filed the suit pro-se and spent a lot of time trying to bring his complaint into proper form.

The judge granted defendants motion to dismiss in part due to the magistrate visiting this site, where ol’ Bill claimed he was defamed by the notorious Paul Krendler. Schmalfeldt’s girlfriend’s dream of a fairy-tale wedding was naught. And neither were the houses, fortunes, wives, and other property to be given to him. Instead, they received what they deserved – eternal pointage, laughing, and mockery.

So for almost four years, his promise to marry her, fix up her smile, have finally come to pass. Or not. I guess we’ll see.

6 thoughts on “Wonder what took so long?

  1. Hell my birthdays will no longer be the same. Now will take the whole fifth instead of jest a shot. A shot to celebrate making it one more year the rest to dilute the stain.

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