Seems I was right.

Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket science to know this was coming.

Back in February, Davig Hogg decided he was going to take on Mike Lindell and his My Pillow company. He planned to build better pillows by using only union labor, sustainable resources, and rebuffing white supremacy, or whatever virtues the liberals believe will make a great company.

Now, he’s throwing in the proverbial towell.

It would seem that his earlier predictions of success and rubbing it in the face of conservatives will not come to fruition. I also believe that William LeGate will realize that the effort to live up to David’s vision will also not come to be.

With the exception of his mindless followers, I think most people recognized he didn’t have the smarts or drive to be successful. Still, it was fun to watch it implode due to his constant virtue signaling.

He is not interested in developing a competing product – he wants to build a virtuous business that he believes will put others that don’t share his virtues out of business. My guess is that he realized that the effort needed to build a business would be too great a commitment. So to make it appear he’s avoiding an embarrassing failure, he tries to explain his activism, schooling, and family is getting in the way. A terrible excuse for the promise of a making a virtuous company ever American would be proud to buy from.

Except it’s pretty clear he has no idea what it takes to build a manufacturing business to compete against a well established company such as My Pillow. Instead of admitting that he’s in way over his head, better to say that other things are responsible.

Typical liberal.

3 thoughts on “Seems I was right.

  1. I would laugh, but…I just can’t. The scene is too depressing with the rampant ignorance and seething fury, and the overblown self-importance. It’ just not funny any longer.

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