Lemme get this straight..

TDS Scream

Nancy’s gambit.

IANAL (and neither is Nancy), but as I understand it, before the Senate can decide the rules for Trump’s impeachment trial, the House needs to send over the articles so that McConnell can move forward.  Instead, Nancy wants to have a hand in the Senate rules which.. um.. *squints* is not her privilege under the Constitution she keeps telling everyone Trump is trashing.

The second line is a stunning admission:  They have no evidence to support their articles of impeachment. They incorrectly assert exercising executive privilege proves his guilt. In other words, because Trump refused to cooperate with their political whims, he’s guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

And remember, Schiff, Nadler, Waters, and the entire squad have all said that we cannot allow voters to make their choice on November 3rd. Trump is a threat to the 2020 elections and if he is not removed, he’s going to cheat to win.

If you didn’t understand it by now, it’s pretty clear this gambit reveals Democrats real motivation:  Remove Trump from office before the next election.  Nancy believes she has some kind of leverage to manipulate the outcome.  It’s interesting that she refuses to adhere to the responsibilities laid out in the Constitution as if..

.. she was

.. violating her oath of office.


As far as I’m concern, just let her whine and don’t give an inch until she transmits the articles of impeachment without strings. After all, Trump isn’t going to be removed and every delay is causing more voters to turn against the Democrats.

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