Trump thumbs up

I don’t think Democrats have thought this out very well.

On my way to Chicago O’Hare airport, I listened to a man describe his life driving taxi’s for thirty-four years before he became an Uber driver.  As we drove along the congested roads from downtown Chicago, he explained how life as a taxi driver had changed over the years due to innovation. Once he made the switch, his biggest challenge was that he didn’t understand the Uber app.  He was technologically illiterate, as he puts it.  The Uber app was not easy to learn, but his perseverance, along with the help of his children and patient customers, allowed him to become one of the best in Chicago in just eight months.

As we described it, he knew that he had to make a change in his life.  Uber was taking the customers away. The city, and its democratic leaders, for all the bluster about how they wanted to protect workers, chose not to adjust their regulatory stranglehold on an industry being turned upside down.  Driving taxi’s was lucrative for both the driver and the city, until Uber came along. Instead of hanging on to a dying service, my hardworking driver switched to Uber.  And he’s happier for it.

Half way through the ride, the discussion turned to present day life and drifted into politics.  Very quickly, the subject moved into the current clown show in Washington. He strongly stated that he didn’t vote for Hillary nor Trump.  Both him and his wife chose to not participate in the 2016 election because neither candidate was appealing. As he shared his thoughts, his voice became louder and animated.  Then he made the most interesting comment midway through his rant about Trump.

“He doesn’t speak like a politician. If he did, people would like him more.  However, what he does say is not wrong.”  To give proper context, he waded into the “shit hole” country controversy as a reminder that some people know what Trump was saying and many wholeheartedly agreed, even those who didn’t like the President.

As it turns out, this man who was born in Cairo and is a Muslim, understands much more than the democrats would like.  And by that, I mean the way he laid out his perspective demonstrated quite clearly that people are listening to Trump and understand his message.

We finally pull up to the terminal and he wants to share a quick story.  One day, a councilman from the city came to talk with the taxi companies.  He was demanding that taxi drivers must go into one of the tough neighborhoods at least once a week.  One of the drivers stood up and asked, “As a person in your position, why have you let those neighborhoods become that way?  Why do we have to go to a place you won’t fix?”

The councilman was a Democrat.  So were the taxi drivers because like so many in Chicago, they followed blindly to the party that was supposedly on their side.  Many eyes that had been blinded by liberal loyalty began to open up after that meeting.  The idea that politicians ignore their work to make themselves look good in front of camera upset most of the members.  After all, if the taxi cab drivers had to do this, it would make the councilman look good in the public eye.  The taxi drivers, on the other hand….

As I handed him his tip, I asked him if he was going to vote for Trump.  He said, “I am what they call the closet Trump supporter. Most of my family is also going to vote for Trump.  We can’t tell anyone because people around here don’t like to talk about it, but there are many more of us than the media realizes.”

I never shared my position on Trump; I only asked his voting intentions. It was very apparent, he has been thinking about this nonsense for sometime.  And he is angry, like so many other people I have talked with during my recent travels.

One other thing:  As I have been traveling back and forth to Chicago, I choose Uber for rides from the airport to downtown.  With the exception of one, all were immigrants from other countries and about half from Arabic or Muslim countries.  When I asked about their life story, each one came to America because its the best place in the world for opportunity and a good life.  And each one of them made at least one derogatory comment about democrats.  One driver, from Morocco said, “All immigrants should be Republicans. How could democrats want to change this country into Europe? It makes no sense!”

I remember that comment well because it resonated with me.  What isn’t resonating well are the democrats.  I don’t think those on the left realize just how many of their base constituency are angry at them and how many more are going to be pulling levers for Trump.

The Trump wave may be the most crushing defeat ever.  I am stocking up on popcorn for the fall campaign.

2 thoughts on “Welp.

  1. Meanwhile, Rinos, Never Trumpers, and Pretentious Sophisticates, will continue in their self righteous smugness because they lack the balls to fight the good fight.
    We followed the likes of them because they promised that they were the true leaders of conservatism and all they did in their “majestic intellectualism” was lead us. right into the hands of the left.
    I quite well remember those who said let the system burn in 2008, so called conservatives that is, well guess what? We got eight years of the left damaging our country and weaponizing law enforcement against conservatives. Congratulations to every asshole who said let it burn. It took Trump being elected to clean up your idiocy.

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