Missing your brain

Let me get this straight..

Her lack of self-awareness is not unexpected.  According to the democrats, impeachment doesn’t require a statutory crime. The articles themselves are written without one.  And there was not a single vote of support from the opposing party in moving the articles forward.  And even a few democrats have signaled they will not vote for the articles.  One democrat has even flipped parties.

Yet, somehow, the democrats want the Senate to conduct a fair trial based on their work?

This is like a district court allowing a Bill Schmalfeldt filed lawsuit to go to trial. The parallels are uncanny.

Besides, some people in the Senate have already made up their mind.

2 thoughts on “Umm…

  1. “Hey now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ll prosecute this before a federal judge, and not in in a 17,000 post thread on Twitter. Simmer down and FOCUS, dim wit.”

    Oh, those were the days…

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