PD moves (back) to Iowa

Where's bill?

Apparently, the gig in Michigan is now history.

He’s employed once again, this time as the sports editor for the Spencer Daily Reporter.  Here is a pic of him, courtesy of the Spencer Daily Reporter website.


Remember, this is the same guy who has “PROGRESSIVE IDIOPATHIC PARKINSON’S DISEASE” and used it as a reason to retire from government service. In his request for disability, a medical doctor determined that he could no longer perform the duties as a “GS-13 writer for the National Institutes of Health” even after they gave him a waiver to work from home.

Each time he does this, it adds more evidence to disprove the various statements he’s made about the severity of his medical condition. Who can forget the classics over the last few years:

  • Threatening to sue the State of Maryland since the judge wouldn’t let him skype from South Carolina because sitting for long hours on a bus or train would cause him severe discomfort due to Parkinson’s Disease.  The reason for being haled in front of the bench was because he recorded testimony from a previous hearing using skype against court rules.
  • Claiming on a podcast that he could only sit for about 10 minutes before he had to lie down.
  • And of course, having to appear at a January court hearing in Maryland was a threat to his life because walking through snow and the cold was all the more dangerous due to the severely debilitating effects of his Parkinson’s Disease.

Regular readers and members of Team Free Speech know about his past statements as they are safely tucked away in the vaults. He has used his disability as weapon in court, failing 100% of the time due to technical legal issues, such as stupidly filing as a pro-se plaintiff – in federal court.

Hopefully, this job will serve him well so long as his PD stays in remission.. and he doesn’t have to scrub toilets, like he did last winter… in Montana.

8 thoughts on “PD moves (back) to Iowa

  1. Apparently belligerence, sloth, and stupidity are prematurely ageing. Oh well, another town, another “World’s Stupidest Man” statue.

    How long before the pressure cooker containing William’s ego explodes onto the internet in the customary orgy of self-destruction?

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    • I’m convinced that he has been reduced from a disability retirement to a regular early retiree’s SS check, and that this has taught him an otherwise unlearnable lesson. Trouble is, he remains a repugnant person, even shorn of belligerence, and so he rapidly wears out his welcome, wherever he might be.

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