Oh Really?

You're actually serious

Let’s just say, this is dumber than it looks.

From the article in the tweet:

Researchers analyzed more than 2 billion social media posts between 2014 and 2016. What they found was that, when temperatures were unusual for a particular time of year, people would comment on it at first. But if the temperature trend continued and there were unusual temperatures again at that time the following year, people stopped commenting as much.

The authors of the study, published in Monday’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, believe that this is a sign that because of memory limitations and their own expectations and biases, humans may not be the best judges of temperature change. The experience of weather in recent years, rather than over longer historical periods, determines the baseline that people use to evaluate the current weather.

There is so much wrong with this it’s hard to know where to start.  The first problem is obvious: What extreme event can directly be tied to people driving their cars?  In fact, what extreme weather event can be directly linked to increased CO2?

There is also the other problem:  We’re constantly being told that the earth is getting warmer and that bad things will happen.  And yet, even though a few record highs are broken from time, the end result is generally “meh”.   It might be different if every day resulted in a new record high temperature or even a record high LOW temperatures, but that isn’t happening much at all.

Still, most extreme events are not “unprecedented”.  Natural disasters from extreme storms happen. What climate scientists activists are telling us is that they are growing in frequency and severity and if we don’t give up our fossil fuels and our wealth, the planet only has 12 years left before it reaches yet another tipping point.

In reality, this is not about extreme weather: It’s about climate justice. And climate justice is social justice for the planet.  Their solution: raise more taxes, make billionaires illegal, and stop having children until the planet’s fever is over.

Or all the liberals are gone.

3 thoughts on “Oh Really?

  1. They used to define extreme weather as hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. But then, of course, nature did the opposite of what they predicted, and we had a ten year hurricane “drought” and a massive slump in the numbers of dangerous tornadoes. So as they do, in climate “science” they changed the data, specifically in this case they changed the definition of “extreme” so they could report increasing numbers of “extreme” events…but extreme is now a bit warmer or colder than usual bit of weather…and both are “proof” of global warming. What a fucking crock.

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  2. Climate change is real UGYZ! The middle of the day always seems warmer than the beginning AND the end of the day, and boy does it get colder at night! Winter is always colder than summer, too! The climate is constantly changing!! ZOMGELEVENTY!!!

    All the climate activists say it’s because of human beings, but I never believed that.

    At least, I didn’t used to believe it.

    Then I read a subscriber only article in The Australian about the Australian Bureau of Meteorology admitting to retroactively altering temperature data to make it appear that long term temperature changes are much more pronounced than they actually are. Because SCIENCE!!!

    And now I believe that climate change is ENTIRELY caused by humans.

    Just…not in the way they want me to think it is.

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