Remember: They don’t want your guns.


Until they do. Not unexpected in the new Congress.

Democrat Representative and political jester Eric Swalwell, has decided that it’s time to ban military style assault weapons and to subject owners to criminal prosecution if they fail to turn in their weapons.

In what Swalwell believes will ultimately curb mass shootings (hint, it won’t), he argues that the Parkland Shooting survivors have shown that the right to live is supreme:

There’s something new and different about the surviving Parkland high schoolers’ demands. They dismiss the moral equivalence we’ve made for far too long regarding the Second Amendment. I’ve been guilty of it myself, telling constituents and reporters that “we can protect the Second Amendment and protect lives.”

The Parkland teens have taught us there is no right more important than every student’s right to come home after class. The right to live is supreme over any other.

The right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is fundamental to every person in a free society, unimpeded by anyone, including government.  The right to “live” is something different; the government cannot protect you from a bad guy or unforeseen circumstances.

The idea that government is meant to protect a supreme right to live goes beyond rational thinking and liberals themselves don’t mean it – otherwise they wouldn’t support abortion, the legal act of depriving unborn kids the right to live.

Cruz was a disturbed young man who, along with those he killed, were failed by the same government meant to protect all of them.

In Cruz’s case, it was a single entry into a database that never made it when the law expressly required it.  There were several instances when officials had an opportunity to follow the law, type a few keystrokes on a screen, and chose not to.

For those kids who were killed by Cruz, a police officer trained to directly confront and neutralize the shooter chose not to follow his duty.  Additional officers who arrived were delayed needlessly by someone’s choice.

At each step, both before and during that fateful day, choices made by government people entrusted with responsibilities to protect the citizens chose NOT to uphold their solemn duty.  And yet a gym teacher, hearing the shots in the school, made a choice to do what he could to take on the shooter, completely unarmed – and died.

In other words, Swalwell wants that same government to take away your right to self-defense and criminalize you if you refuse to comply.  So far, Broward County Sheriff’s office, the school district and the county of Broward have yet to apologize or even take responsibility for their failures in any meaningful way, to the families of those who were allowed to die on their watch.

What Swalwell wants you to believe is that under his plan, mass shootings like Parkland, Vegas, Sandy Hook and others would never happen again and that victims like Gary Jackson might still be alive. Not only is this argument excruciatingly dumb, it assumes that bad people care about the law.

His plan won’t stop a bad person or criminal from shooting people in a gun free zone, but removing the public’s ability to defend themselves with their choice of weapon is not a solution. Every year, there are thousands of real life examples where citizens use their own weapons to stop criminals and bad guys.

Besides, in the Parkland case, a new report recommends something the liberals hate: Arming teachers. They hate it because they believe doing so is more dangerous, but this argument is based on liberals ignorance of guns.

No teacher would just be handed a gun; rather, they would participate in comprehensive programs to give them training on how to deal with a gunman.  The recommendation is damning because it now becomes the last line of defense – all because of the failure of government, and elected Sheriff’s, to protect “the right to live” which Swalwell claims is supreme.

While no program guarantees that everyone would survive an attack, this type of program would be far less expensive and give teachers a fighting chance. Instead, liberals just want to take everyone’s guns because guns are bad.  The bad guys, though, still get to keep their pistols.  What do you think will happen when bad guys start using pistols in their mass shootings?  I’ll give you three guesses, but the first two don’t count.

6 thoughts on “Remember: They don’t want your guns.

  1. 1) Swallwell is the one who said the government would use nukes to disarm Americans.

    2) It’s interesting to hear a Democrat come out in favor of the right to life. I suspect he would never phrase it that way, though…

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  2. Bravo!! excellent piece there SoCon.

    I grew up part of a huge family and most of my immediate and extended family hunt regularly and collect firearms.
    when asked why I don’t support “common sense gun laws” I usually answer with, I don’t think making most of my family criminals simply by the passage of a bullshit law is going to stop the next crazy/bad guy who wants to do something crazy/bad.

    crazy/bad guys dont care about the law, the only people who would be effected are the ones who are already not committing crimes with their firearms.

    it’s not rocket science but then the ones pushing this bullshit dont really care about stopping “mass shootings” they care about power, and being able to use that power over everyone else.
    After all, its a lot harder to enforce the striping of liberty from others by force when they can defend their liberty with their own force.

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  3. They are wrong because they are dealing in magical thinking. If they cast the spell all the evils will go away. They refuse to address reality on any of this.

    This is a post I have been linking which answers very well Congressman Swallwell, who it is about, and his statement that the government can ban the guns because they have all that military. Seen it claimed lots of other places and is always flat wrong from the same magical thinking basis:

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