One year ago today..


Bill Schmalfeldt “officially” announces his retirement. 

A blast from the past:

Schmalfeldt is retiring (again), but not before attempting to set the record straight, and failing in the same way he always does.

In a last ditch attempt to portray himself both the winner and the victim, Schmalfeldt’s (supposed) final battle ended up with the same sorry results whenever he tries to get the final word:  More PLM.

One year later, he’s back working at the Breitbart Billy Boy Unread trying to maintain a presence with the resistance but looking as foolish as ever.

Since his retirement one year ago, he’s traveled across the country despite his debilitating Parkinson’s that prevented him from attending a trial in which he was a defendant in Maryland.  It must have gone into deep remission since he traveled by bus over two days to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a job.  He returned to South Carolina a couple of weeks later after having the door politely slammed in his face.

In the spring, he traveled at first, to North Dakota but ended up in Iowa for a job at a radio station. He never got a chance to get started when management decided to check him out.  He threatened to sue the station and his old enemies for his internet presence he himself had built.  He even threatened to sue me again for my factual reporting of his frequent recovery from Parkinson’s.

During the summer, he managed to keep his intentions quiet and ended up at a radio station in Guymon, Oklahoma, under the pseudonym, Bill Mathews.  That gig lasted only a few months and he recently returned to South Carolina and into the welcoming arms of the Breitbart Billy Boy Unread staff and his fiance’s family for shelter.

He posted that he had martyred himself enough in Trump country and it was time to go. It was more likely due to the appointment of a new station manager who decided Bill “wasn’t a good fit.”  The truth is probably very different and more likely the consequence of his amazing powers to not keep his political views, and his stupidity to himself. In other words, the festering hole below his nose would not be kept shut.

In any event, the untold story is what happened to Loki, Thor and Onyx, the three cats both he and his “companion” Diane Kelly had acquired at different times.  In the past, he has said he gave his pets new homes. If you know Bill Schmalfeldt, never trust a word that comes out of his mouth.  He offered not a scintilla of evidence to back up his claims.  The fate of his animals remains unknown and not in a good way.

In the meantime, the rest of us keep an eye on him as some clocks for things he has done have yet to run out.  For Schmalfeldt, it’s been the same story.



2 thoughts on “One year ago today..

  1. I would like to thank bill schmalfeldt for guaranteeing that he can never again use “Parkinson” as an excuse in a court of law. Thank you bill.

    Now I do not know about Mr. Hoge but if it was me I would have rubbed the judges’ face in the fact that he had been made out to be a fool. How do you say, by sending every other judge in Maryland copies of the motions, the court transcripts, then copies of all of bill adventures sense the case closed. I can be an ass about some things.

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