What does a rake taste like?


Just think, in 2011 he was so afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease that he told a government medical examiner his condition had worsened to the point he could no longer do his job as a writer from home.  Since then, he’s managed to secure double-digit restraining orders.  He traveled by car from Iowa to South Carolina twice despite giving up driving saying he couldn’t trust himself a decade earlier.  Even more astonishing are the number of law suits he’s filed and subsequently lost that contain provable lies. Fortunately, his sheer incompetence kept him from embarrassment in a court proceeding.

Imagine how effortlessly someone like him could lie.  After all, he was dumb enough to PUBLISH all of this on the internet.


3 thoughts on “Umm…

  1. At this point there has to be some stronger response than looking sadly at him, shaking your head slowly, and saying “Bless your heart.” This is weapons grade dumbf*ckery.

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  2. I can still hear the laughter ringing in my ears
    when he called me pretending to be a reporter from Wisconsin’s largest newspaper
    When he was bounced from his gigs in Iowa
    When he face planted against Sarah in court
    When he peed himself in Maryland
    When he opened his gift
    When he was fired in Oklahoma
    When his new job in Wisconsin faded away
    When he was fired from the examiner
    When he called me crying about my calling his work child pornography
    When he ran from Grady in Maryland
    When he play acted in Maryland court rooms

    Good times

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  3. Fortunately, his sheer incompetence kept him from embarrassment in a court proceeding.

    And not just once. Or twice. But almost every time.Can you imagine what it must be like to have to rely on your own stupidity to keep you from screwing yourself even worse?

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