Democrats and Constituent Privacy


They care about your privacy.. or do they?

As we saw with Christine Blasey-Ford, the democrats care little about the wishes of their constituents.  South Dakota incumbent Heidi Heitkamp shared stories of assault survivors in a campaign ad.

Except, some didn’t give permission to share their stories and even a few weren’t victims.

One of the most shouted lines from advocates of sexual assault survivors are that far too many do not share their stories.  Often, they are afraid of what might happen to them if word got out. Politicians who push for legislation, or in the case of democrats who cry for protections of victims, say they want to survivors to have safe areas to share their stories and be given justice.

In some cases, victims of assault need anonymity because of violent stalkers.  Keeping themselves out of public view is a matter of safety, and for some, life and death.

If you’re a sexual assault survivor, you should probably not tell a democrat politician.


3 thoughts on “Democrats and Constituent Privacy

    • I think you could given them illustrated manuals explaining what they’re doing wrong, and why, with no words longer than five letters, and a resurrected Mr. Rogers to patiently answer all their questions, and they still wouldn’t get it.

      They don’t think they’re doing ANYTHING wrong. They think it’s just fine to attack opposition candidates, same as their party did in the Reconstruction days.

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