McCain will get Trump re-elected.


You can tell the swamp is nervous.

The political pot shots taken against Trump during the funerals of John McCain and Aretha Franklin shows the elite are circling the wagons around the swamp.  Instead of honoring the contributions made by the deceased, swampers took the time to make political statements for their disdain of Trump.

While analysts on the leftist media (there is no “mainstream media” since they’ve been exposed as operatives for the Democrat party) are quick to share the disrespect coming from corrupt hacks like Al Sharpton, they forget that most American’s have long moved past the media’s overt protection of the establishment and their crony characters.

Meghan McCain’s tribute to her father’s legacy included the statement that her father believed America was already great.  Funny.  He didn’t run on that theme when he was elected in 2016.  He ran on repealing Obamacare, building a stronger border and claimed that Obama had ruined the economy.  In fact, he never ran on the “America is already great!” slogan.  Democrats did and voters rejected that notion outright in the voting booths.

And when it came time to keep those promises to the voters in Arizona, which were coincidentally the same ones Trump campaigned with, he chose to let his feud with Trump push him in a different direction siding with Democrats in a major “maverick” move.

While I understand McCain’s love and grief for her father, she seems completely ignorant that most of the admiration for McCain comes from those around him.  In my only experience with the man, he left a bad taste in my mouth and continued to do so afterwards trying to live up to some mythical “maverick” principle that gullible people he asked to work with him believed was a higher purpose.

In her safe space with the camera’s rolling, she had no issue with calling out the President.  Bravery is facing your adversary head on.  The family chose not to invite the sitting President of the United States as an act fitting of a maverick.  And from that they made attacks on him without him being present.  There is another word for that and while it starts with a “C” it isn’t the female pejorative.

If there is a takeaway from McCain’s funeral is that while the establishment did their best to rehabilitate a man who disappointed Arizona voters repeatedly, the rest of the country sees it for what it is:  The establishment will do what they can to protect their own. Outsiders aren’t welcome despite the voters making it clear they are expecting change.  Don’t be surprised if they send the same message again in November.

At least the pastor at the Aretha Franklin funeral managed to cop a feel of Ariana Grande, the same singer who hates America despite her wealth derived from American fans. I’m sure President Clinton was looking for his chance as well.


4 thoughts on “McCain will get Trump re-elected.

    • I wasn’t surprised by either funeral. Somehow the Left always seems to think they can hijack emotion and stampede people. Possibly because they are herd animals themselves.
      As for McCain, I honor his handling of his captivity and the effects on the rest of his life. As a politician though, he was just another lying, self-promoting feeder at the trough.

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  1. He was a tremendous American warrior, but everything he touched politically turned to boiling shit.

    Thank goodness he had his warrior ethos, and the safe arms of the leftist media, to fall back on over and over and over.

    Except, of course, when that media needed to steamroll him to elect the Liberal Savior.

    “My memory works just fine.”

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  2. That’s not why he’s getting re-elected. He will get reelected because 1)numbers are great in the economy and 2) the libs have no one who can beat him. Quite frankly running on “you’re mean” in 2020 is not going to work. The libs have no ideas to improve America and, quite frankly, the absurd whining by anyone who is anti-Trump is just boring now

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