I can’t even.

Schmalfeldt is very upset with me.  He has decided that I am defaming him because I don’t believe he has Parkinson’s Disease.  While he’s doxxing me, he says I have one week to apologize and remove my “defamatory” posts.

Looks like a deadline to me. Except now, it’s not.

In it, he claims I think it’s an ultimatum:

Marvin J. Rodriguez of Peoria, AZ, owner of MJROD Business Consulting Services, seems to think he has to respond to some sort of ultimatum I’ve apparently set down.

I never said it was an ultimatum.  He gave me a week to get in touch with him and to address his butthurt concerns.

Then he says this:

The clock ran out as soon as he posted that he wasn’t going to apologize for saying that I am faking having Parkinson’s disease.

You all can go back and look at the blog posts I have made, but I never said anything about ignoring his demand.  All I ever said is that I’m not going to be a pushover, which is absolutely true.


He closes with this:

I’ve already decided what (if anything) I’m going to do and when (if ever) I am going to do it.

Short of an abject apology and a retraction of his defamatory, libelous postings, there is nothing more he can do about it.

Except to wait.

It seems that in typical Schmalfeldt fashion, he makes an offer only to quickly alter the terms or retract it before it anyone has a chance to respond.

Seems like bad-faith negotiation.

I still plan to respond according to the original terms, in case the judge asks if there was an attempt settle the negotiation and I can truthfully respond, “Yes, your honor, I agreed to give him an answer, but he decided to pull it within a couple of days before I had a chance to fully respond.”


22 thoughts on “Uh..

  1. Oh William Schmalfeldt of Maryland, Wisconsin, Iowa, and south carolina, almost of KDSN until they learned to google, the valor stealing, oarkinsons faking shitbag, do you really think SC or any one of his clients cares about your weaksauce doxing ESPECIALLY after they google your name?

    Sorry, but if someone making a blog after being doxed doesn’t say “no shits or fucks given” about your pathetic existence I dont know what does. If he didn’t care when you first doxed him he sure as fuck won’t care now. Your threats are (like your existence) meaningless.

    I for one am PRAYING you file a lolsuit over faking your Parkinson’s. After they destroy you in court the ramifications of faking it will be glorious. No amount of popcorn in the world will be enough and my lulz muscles will hernia by the time this is over.

    Hopefully you finally take the cure when this is over.

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  2. You have one week to apologize!
    I never set a time limit or gave an ultimatum.

    William Schmalfeldt Sr folks. The man is a walking heap of stupid with a healthy dose of inferiority complex and a few shots of hate thrown in.

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  3. The Jovial One
    Scott Hinckley of Shirley, MA, and Marvin Rodriguez of Peoria, AZ, seem bent on risking their financial security just to cause me momentary inconvenience. I was recently asked to provide OPM with proof that I still have Parkinson’s. They got my Doctor’s report last week

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  4. Hey Bill, where is Onyx? Did you sell her for JWR money? Accidentally sit on her and squash her? Did she claw your balloon animal so you threw her out the door? You know what shrinks say about people that abuse animals right?

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  5. If Bill Schmalfeldt will post a viable fax number, mailing address or roach motel address, I will happily send original copies of everything I faxed the to KDSN Radio station to him. Ball is in your court Bill, whatever are you going do? Twirl in the wind?

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  6. He’s altering the deal, SC. Pray he doesn’t alter it any further.

    (Schmalballz probably thinks he’s Darth Vader, baddest man in the universe, when he’s really more like Anakin Skywalker, Whiniest Bitch in the Universe.)

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