So this showed up in the comments…


He’s going to be in touch.


It’s funny. I haven’t said a word about what a judge will or won’t say.

Based on his history he has yet to appear before a judge to present his case.

In fact, every judge so far has said he can’t even meet jurisdiction requirements to hear his case.

But you know.. pro-se mistakes.




33 thoughts on “So this showed up in the comments…

  1. I was brought up to believe the first time was a mistake, if you repeated the mistake again it’s a willful error and anytime you repeated it after that you’re a fucking failure and should hire it done.

    Let’s just say I’ve only ever painted one room in a house, and I’m very glad of it.

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  2. He really is intent on going 0-for-9, isn’t he? This is Dumbfuck we’re writing about…

    There will be much LULzing…time to get warmed up again!

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  3. He has a new ID. Yet another one. And a new wordpress site.

    Dammit. I can’t find my Schmalfeldt_Aliases spreadsheet. Need to update it. May have tossed it during some housecleaning but, as I recall, I posted it on BillySez so maybe I can re-create it.

    Ah, the weekend is coming…

    #Idiot #Where’sOnyx? #RunMontyRun

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  4. Be in touch, DUMBFUCK? No, you’ll need to be in NEW MEXICO.

    How many times do you have to fuck jurisdiction up before you learn its very simple rules?

    It is getting somewhat annoying to keep watching you fail to clear the lowest bar, preventing yourself from getting the complete and total annihilation you deserve. Maybe if you ask real nice, MJ will show you how to properly attain your litigious doom.

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      • They’re indicative of a desire to cause stress and expense. It’s just another form of harassment.

        If he really wanted to maintain the illusion that he suffers from a progressive neurological disorder that never gets any better, he’d do a better job of covering his tracks. That is to say, he wouldn’t post pictures and endless blog posts and constant twitter messages about his travels and activities that flat-out contradict his claimed progressive disability.

        Some day, he’s going to run up against someone who will take that history of harassment and shove it down his throat, sideways, in a legal sense. I will be watching.

        Laptop, home.

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  5. As my sainted Grandma would say, “That boy’s brain rattles around in his skull like a dried pea in a boxcar.” It is kind of fun watching him mount the Schmycle again though. Good Luck, MJ, although I doubt you’ll need it.

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  6. So, eight suits so far, without even once getting past a motion to dismiss. Compared to his mentor, who also hasn’t won any cases in the same time frame, but has at least gotten into a couple courtrooms…and then failed. Neither of them has gotten anywhere near bankrupting any defendants, much less gained the slightest thing other than humiliation. But Billy thinks nine is the magic number, where he’s going to outlawyer his pedobomber buddy. I wo der what’s going to turn this bus around? Has he been taking night school law classes? As if. That would take effort! More intelligence than a middling-bright flatworm would help, too…but that’s not happening. Perhaps it’s the loving support of his goiter-necked, stubble-cheeked “lady” love? Yeah…”she” seems the type to have heretofore hidden legal acumen. Or not. On third thought, I’m just going to assume this one’s going to go the exact same as every time before.

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  7. Ohhh he’s getting familiar with you! He KNOWS you. He KNOWS that you will do what he wants. Doesn’t he just OOOZE with smarm? And he’s gonna contact you. Later. Eww.

    I have a bunch of comments like that in my queue that I’ve never completely flushed. It’s just so pitiful but ever so handy to save for evidentiary purposes.

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  8. Gosh, there does seem to be an awful amount of welfare fraud these days.

    Hmm. Up to 15 years in prison. Do you think the toothy livestock would wait around? Also, not being familiar with prison codes myself, how would fellow inmates regard cub-scout pornographers?

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  9. For Bill to prove libel, he will need to prove to the court that he has Parkinsons. This means he will need to provide a sworn statement from his current doctor, confirming the condition.As this is an impossible event, he is SOL.

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