Uh.. yeaaaaah….


I’m thinking someone may have had a change of plans.

So this happened.  Pay no attention to the fact he’s responding to himself.


I’m guessing that he won’t be in Denison after all.


20 thoughts on “Uh.. yeaaaaah….

  1. looks like someone finally got around to re-filling InflataSkank.

    I hate to say it but THAT level of stupidity should be more painful for the people exhibiting it…it sure is to watch for everyone else, I can tell you that.

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  2. ht tps://web.archive.org/web/20110422230747/http://technorati.com/politics/feature/troll/
    remove space
    Lying Mother fucker, he self identified way before we ever know he existed.

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  3. Holy shit, that’s stupid! Even by DUMBFUCK standards.

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  4. Setting aside the mountain of evidence that shows he is lying again (i know, youre shocked he lied), William Schmalfeldt, the valor stealing, Parkinson’s faking shitbag isn’t even REMKTELY close to having the intelligence to pull off such a rouse.

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  5. PPS – William, I didn’t have to “break my neck” to prove your haircut photo was taken behind Value Place. But I guess when you’re a DUMBF5CK even opening google maps must seem like a herculean intellectual effort.

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  6. He forgets that there are members of TFS who actually understand computers and how they work and you can’t really hide your location from them. Well, you could if you weren’t a stupid a fuck asswipe like Bill. The calls, they are coming FROM the house Bill!!!!

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  7. He is so full of shit!!! Are we to believe that Broadway Bill got himself a job at a very small am radio station in Denison Iowa only as part of a larger plot to “outsmart” his detractors? Last week we heard the station manager at KDSN announce he had just hired a new on air employee from the Washington DC area with experience working in the Federal government etc…

    What are the odds that KDSN management decided to Google Bill Schmalfeldt? The internet is forever Cabin Boy and your victims will not be Intimidated or silenced.

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