Speaking of crazy …


Prepare yourselves.


Uh huh.

Please, pass the butter.  The show must MUST go on.


11 thoughts on “Speaking of crazy …

  1. Holy Shit! Head over to Twitchy.com and read the multiple (4 at this time) posts about @MSNBC @kurteichenwal meltdown on Twitter today….or is it…. @VanityFair Kurt Eichenwal??. Oops……..I mean ….@Newsweeks Kurt Eichenwal. Ok, he has told a ton of easily provable lies regarding his recent employment. But the real meat of the stories is his obsession with Ben Shapiro and Kyle from Parkland.

    Kurt seems to be playing with the ‘Bill Schmalfeldt Playbook for Progressives’. It’s amazing to read todays posts and compare Kurts recent behavior to the Cabin Boys. Truth and facts are so foreign to both of them and it causes most of their problems. Their actions show that for many progressives in this nation that The Ends Justify the Means. Eichenwal is a whole lot of crazy,

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    • I’m not sure he is working for anyone at this point. The 3 organizations I listed have all claimed he isn’t employed with them. Today’s letters to Ben Shapiro concerning Kyle from Parkland say Editor, Vanity Fair. In the last 3-4 months it seems that Eichenwal has become a Twitter warrior for the progressive cause. He suggests he is working on a story about Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv in his letter to Ben this morning. I’m thinking he was using the title to add a little gravitas to his attacks.

      For the Cherry on top of a great meltdown, Eichenwal accuses Shapiro and his followers of sending him the Flashing GIFS of Death– episode 2. lol lol lol

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    • innit funny how seemly sane people who are total bat shit can seem until you trip their bat shit response??

      seriously that guy makes Bill like like a second rate piker, instead of the 5th rate stumble bum that he actually is…

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