Bill Schmalfeldt is upset with me. (Updated)


No really, he’s upset that I’ve said he is faking his Parkinson’s Disease.

On the last post, he wants to get me to stop posting my opinions and reporting about him because he wants to move on with his life and forget about me and the others who rightfully can and accurately report about him, even if some sites make disparaging opinions about him.

Let’s consider for the moment what “move on with his life” means.

I would think that if he really wants to move on, he would just stop visiting the sites he doesn’t like. In fact, Thinking Man’s Zombie and Billy Sez were a direct result of Billy’s own antics.  Hogewash! is focused on the entire Team Kimberlin klan, of whom Schmalfeldt has been the comedic act of PLM.

Wouldn’t the prudent move be just not go back to the places that cause such butthurt?

So I guess it’s now my turn to deal with the ridiculous pressure of being told that I have to somehow bend to his will or I will be made an example of.


Uh huh.

Here’s the thing:  What does Schmalfeldt gain by having the Parkinson’s diagnosis?  What does it do for him?  Is his livelihood dependent on it? Surely, a reasonable human being would not want to tout it like some kind of badge of honor, or more importantly, not attempt to use it as a weapon.

But not Schmalfeldt.  You have to BELIEVE and ACCEPT by his word ONLY that he has been diagnosed with it. It doesn’t matter if his statements are contradictory of what many of us has experienced watching family members being robbed of life from this progressive disease.

Bill thinks he is the only knowledgeable person of Parkinson’s but he couldn’t be more wrong and for me, this is where the argument becomes about why Schmalfeldt needs to have that diagnosis.  What if he wasn’t diagnosed?  How does being diagnosed help him?

Take this tweet:

Nothing in that tweet makes me a liar.  There are no medical records. One is just words he wrote, another is just a statement to support a personnel action, and the third is the personnel action.

Does that change the fact that in 2011 he claimed that his disease had progressed to the point he could no longer work, but in 2016, he was well enough that he could buy a car and drive, across the country, even though 10 years prior, he gave up driving because he said he couldn’t trust his actions?

His explanation is that because he no longer had a caregiver, he got well enough on his own to improve his lifestyle and could now .. drive..  Funny, though, when he moved to South Carolina, and is with a new caregiver, the same symptoms returned.  If you were getting better, why would you not want to keep that going for your benefit?

Even if there was medical evidence that the symptoms of Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease could get better simply by having a more active lifestyle, Schmalfeldt spins in circles as to the reasons.  When it’s clear he gains no traction with me, it now becomes a game of threats.

The thing you gotta ask yourself, Marvin? Can you prove what you’ve said is true? I can prove it’s a pack of lies. Do you really want to play this game? Where will the anonymous cowards be when you are called to account for your lies? Not a one of them has the balls to step up and identify himself. They’re gonna let you take the fall, Rodriguez. What do you owe them? I can’t touch anonymous cowards.

But you are not anonymous.

Called to account for my lies?  Sounds like a threat to me. How exactly do you plan to do that, Mr. Schmalfeldt?  So far, Schmalfeldt’s legal avenues have resulted in paragraphs of legal opinions that start out with “Plaintiff fails..”

Just before posting this, he added two more comments.  I realize that some people are dullards, but putting him in that category would be insulting to dullards:

Please publish my responses, or I will make it clear you are dodging me.

Why aren’t you moving my other comments out of moderation, Marvin? Hiding something?

Anyone want to tell him what I’ve done with his comments?

In the meantime..



Update:  Oh he mad now!

Marvin, when I produce medical documentation it will not be to you, it will be to a court. I am not upset with you. I want you to stop lying about me. You are not expressing an opinion. You are making a false allegation as if it were true. You can’t hide from your words, Marvin. You need to make a choice as to whether you will cease libeling me or pay the consequences. The choice is yours entirely.

Once again, take stock of what you are UNable to prove and what I can prove.

Either admit you do not know what you are talking about, or delete the posts where you state as a fact that I am faking my illness. You cannot make a false, defamatory statement like that and not expect to be held accountable.

“Arizona distinguishes between statements that constitute libel per se and libel per quod. Libel per se are written communications which “on their face and without the aid of any extrinsic matter” tend to “bring any person into disrepute, contempt or ridicule” or “impeach the honesty, integrity, virtue or reputation.”

You REALLY want to play this game, Marvin. I do not. But I am done with just allowing you to get away with your libel.

YOUR choice.

Anyone need to stock up on popcorn, I would direct you to my friend, John Hoge and his website Hogewash! and click the Amazon link.  You should be able to find great deals on buttered popcorn.

71 thoughts on “Bill Schmalfeldt is upset with me. (Updated)

    • Third try is the charm…no, wait…

      Fourth try…dammit…

      FIFTH try for sure…ah, shit…

      SIXTH TRY! I got ‘em now…oh, fuck….

      SEVEN…lucky number seven….oh, for fuck’s sake…

      EIGHT….this has gotta be it…son of a bitch….

      NINE times….

      The PLM continues until something improves.

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  1. Given the Cabin Boy’s™ behavior during discovery in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit, he may believe that he can get away with failing to produce medical records to support a lawsuit he filed when they are demanded by the defense in discovery. IANAL, but I’d be willing to bet folding money that such a failure by a plaintiff would be the end of his lawsuit.

    Popcorn link:

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  2. Wait is he gonna move to Arizona?
    Given his on record actions in Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al no way would any defence attorney allow him to attend by phone. Not only that but would file for a hearing to require him to post a bond in order to pursue his lawsuit.

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  3. IANAL, but I’d say going from stage eleventy “I’m on my deathbed and can’t raise my arms over my head” to “some things are worth the journey” while pointing to a sign with his arm over his head is just one example of many of those “extrinsic matters” Stolen Valor was talking about.

    This is going to be good!

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    • Not being a neurologist, I merely note how remarkably convenient the ebb and flow of his “progressive disease that never, ever gets better” is.

      It does make one think it quite likely he’s either faking or exaggerating wildly.
      Phone, train.

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  4. Bring it, you fat fuck.

    You were right about one thing… you can’t touch anonymous commenters. Or SC. Or John Hoge. Or Aaron. Or anyone.

    Because BUTTHURT AIN’T A TORT. When are you going to get it through that dick dented, thumb shaped head of yours that you don’t get just get to sue people people because you get your feefees hurt? You would think that going 0 for a zillion on your butthurt bullshit suits would teach you…. but I guess maybe your beyond learning from your stupidity.

    Fuck off and die already, you fucking shitbag.

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    • I remember when Diana, the least threatening person on the internet was in your crosshairs . You knew her name but how did that work out for you?

      She wasn’t a 3 year old but she also kicked your ass.

      Your threats are empty like your head, you overblown skamelar.

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  5. Uh oh…the POOPSNIFFING PAUPER PRO SE PROSECUTOR! has made an appearance. Superficial review of libel law in Arizona means LOLsuit # 9 is on the way. When it goes silent for half a day we’ll know it’s writing it. Remember, speed is more important than content, so DUMBF5CK better get out its cut and paste scissors!

    Going for the Google bomb here. The lying, stolen valor, Parkinson’s faking rapist and coward Bill Schmalfeldt can’t even tell you its address (WHAT A COWARD), but it will file LOLsuit # 9.

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  6. He uses your first name way too much, as if calling you by your first name in (what he alone perceives to be) a threatening tone is going to cause some shutuppery.

    And as I predicted (not much of a prediction as ibhave history on my side) the Parkinson’s faking shitbag only wants names to harass as evidenced by openly admiring he will commit tortuous interference if you don’t salve his buttburt.

    I eagerly await LOLsuit 9. Keep.building that vexatious litigant pattern, shitbag (or should I say “William”- see how threatening that was to use your formal first name? LOL).

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  7. Sure, let a DUMBFUCK file in Maricopa County, more than halfway across the country from where he lives.

    Then you introduce his sworn filing to the Maryland court that he’s too useless to get on a bus to get to court. It could be your dole exhibit in your motion to dismiss!

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    • Not only would it be the sole exhibit in a motion to dismiss, but could be the final nail in the coffin for vexatious status. Filing a suit in a jurisdiction you know you physically cannot attend is textbook vexation!!

      PLEASE file, William (SWIDT?). Please file.

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  8. DUMBFUCK to English translator says:

    Marvin, when I produce medical documentation it will not be to you or to any party who requests it in discovery, else it will be to never see the inside of a court. I am not upset FURIOUS with you. I want you to stop lying about me pointing out the mountains of inconsistencies, contradictions and outright lies that I have told about myself and my “condition” over the past 18 years, most of which I cannot even be bothered to remember. You are not expressing an opinion. You are making a false allegation as if it were true highlighting lies I have told and providing context, which makes me look stupid (as if I needed any help with that) and causes my butt to hurt far above and beyond the magical healing properties of Preparation H. You can’t hide from your words, Marvin. If there is anyone on Earth who should have learned this by now, it’s me. For God’s sake, I try and try to delete my old blog posts, but when I need to get one back, there it is in the Archive! Fuck. You need to make a choice as to whether you will cease libeling me engaging in pointage, laughery and mockification of me or pay the consequences continue to risk permanent damage to your LULZ muscles. The choice is yours entirely.

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  9. Poor William. So much stupidity in one dick dented skull. Hey Bill, remember the first time you threatened MJ? He started this blog and has been chronicling your loser life ever since. Did that work out the way you planned? No, didn’t think so. Piece of advice for you, you aren’t as smart as you think you are. Loser in court, loser in life. THAT is what you are good at.

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  10. In honor of his latest “threats” we need a “everyone address him as ‘William’ day”. You knowz to show were serious.

    Yes, I’m laughing as I type that. Can’t get the image of a kitten with the single word ” William” as the caption. Lol

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    • I remember peole saying that not supporting the president and hoping that he fails was treason too… until Obama left office.

      Strange how that suddenly no longer applied to the highest office in the us.

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  11. William Matthew Schmalfeldt Sr, DOB 01/XX/1955, SSN XXX-70-6XXX is faking having Parkinson’s Disease.

    Bill is in his manic (Macho) phase of the cycle now – threatening MJ and trying to be all bad-ass. He will turn and run away any day now, when the “You’re killing me!” phase starts. Look what happened when he tried to go after Dianna – he couldn’t tuck his skirt and run any faster.

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    • I will concede the fact that he apparently – based on the fact that all recent photographs show him in soon-to-turn-dark gray sweatpants, that he may not have the required dexterity to wear pants that must be fastened with buttons, zippers and/or belts.

      Just another thing he has in common with a two year old.

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    • AgileDog why redact any of his information? William has no issue doxing people and posting names, adressess, employers, pictures of their houses (with invites to cause harm) so its obvious he’s set rules that everything is fair game.

      After all, William would expect the rules he has set forth to apply to himself as well, wouldn’t he??

      William, any comment?

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  12. And since William suggested it, I did file a formal complaint of fraud with the Office of Personnel Management against him today. I do hope his address and phone number are current in their records, and match the ones I gave them.

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  13. Reading Bill Schmalfeldt’s threats, I would like to point out that no reasonable person, looking at what Mr. Overshare has posted from the first time I noticed him to the present, would believe at this point n time that he has “Stage IV Parkinsons Disease.” Nor any illness that wasn’t essentially defined by his weight, laziness, and bad faith.

    It would be impossible for him to sue on the grounds that people are knowingly lying about his medical condition. None of us claim to be neurologists – we simply are observers who can see the stark contradictions between his claims and his self-reported actions.

    Laptop, home.

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