22 thoughts on “Isn’t that a shame..

  1. I’ve been following her Twitter stream for a while…my God she is a study of cluelessness…
    She has no concept that she comes accros as a virtue signaling wisp of air. There is no there there.

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    • Hard to really get an organized effort to do battle when you live in a hotel condo with your boyfriend who has a very progressive (no pun intended) version of Parkinson’s and an expensive cat that likes to take poop walks on everything..

      Not to mention, when people find out you’re really just some whack job who likes anime gay porn and video games, just how effective can you be as a leader of major movement over the internet?

      But, as they say, INSIST ON YOUR RIGHT TO RESIST!!!!

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  2. Just like Bill, always begging xer betters to include xem. And also just like Bill, always being ignored and blackballed (banned) by xer betters. Sad and pathetic.

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    • I wonder if it has crossed her mind that she is living with bill schmalfeldt, a known associate of brett kimberlin a self confessed FBI informer? Add in the fact she acts like an agent provocateur, no wonder the “resistance” would not want anything to do with her.

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